G Joel Bitonio (12.21.22)


On how the Browns were able to limit Ravens ILB Roquan Smith’ impact on Saturday’s game:

“I think we just had our gameplan. We knew those backers like to run through and make plays so we were really just trying to get our hands on them. He was still active. He was making a lot of calls for their defense. He seemed like he really took that leadership role. With him and (Ravens ILB Patrick) Queen, they play pretty good. We just tried to get our hands on him and make sure sustained our blocks because we knew they were both really good players.”


On the expected ‘bomb cyclone’ heading east and how the weather may impact Saturday’s game:

“We are just getting ready to play football. We understand there is going to be weather and there are going to be elements. (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) has stressed all week we just have to play football. We are blessed to play this game, and we get to play football. It is going to be a little cold.”


On if he will wear sleeves this week, given he typically doesn’t no matter how cold the temperature:

“I don’t think so. Last game was pretty chilly. We have the heated benches and all of that stuff on the sideline. The worst part is the TV timeouts when you walk out on the field because once you are playing, you don’t even really think about it.”


On Browns Legend T Joe Thomas saying the trick was to stay on the bench as long as possible in cold conditions while watching the orange sleeves who helps manage TV timeouts:

“I am too scared to do that because I just see the rest of the offense out there (laughter). I remember at the end of his career Joe was doing that, and I was like, ‘Where is Joe?’ He is sitting in the warm sweater on the sideline. He had it down pretty good. Actually, I have seen this year some stadiums have the TV countdown clock, which is actually really helpful because you are, ‘Oh, you have another minute.’”


On if he will warm up without a shirt pregame:

“No, I don’t usually go outside anyways for [pregame] warmups so I will keep it in.”


On if he would prefer that Cleveland had a dome:

“Not for me. I like the elements. It adds a little different. When you are playing in a dome at 68 or 70 every time and it is perfect conditions, I feel like football is an imperfect game. I know there are some people who want the high-powered offense and you want to see the talent play, but sometimes it is cool to have a little snow. We didn’t have that much, but last week, a night game and the snow was falling, what was better than that? You are out there playing football. It just reminds me of things you think about when you are a kid. For me personally, I like playing outdoors.”


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