G Joel Bitonio (11.17.22)


On if there is a significant difference to him depending on if the game is played outside in snowy conditions or in a dome:

“I think it will be different. We are preparing right now just normal game week. Obviously, if the weather is a factor, we are really not too focused on it. I know they are probably behind the scenes deciding what they are going to do. Obviously, you are probably a little bit more explosive in the passing game if you are playing inside than if it is a blizzard outside. We are really just trying to focus on us right now and getting the gameplan down that we have set.”


On the Dolphins’ ability to limit the Browns running game last week:

“We just didn’t play good enough honestly. They have some good players up front and they executed really well, but there were just some mishaps that were unusual for us in the sense of a missed assignment or something like that where usually we are on the right guys. There were a couple of guys where we had a few guys running free. They did a good job – it is a credit to them – but we did not play well enough, either.”


On the challenge with G Wyatt Teller practicing all week and starting the game but having to leave the contest in the first quarter due the calf injury:

“It is tough. He is a good player for us. He thought he was ready to go. You never know with those kind of injuries. It is tough, but (G) Hjalte (Froholdt) came in and he was fine run blocking. He did a good job in run blocking. At that point, we were a little bit behind, and we started having to throw. We just for sure did not play good enough up front.”


On typically being consistent in the team’s ability to run the ball and the reaction when having challenges in the run game and overall on offense last week:

“We were not good enough. It was probably collectively our worst game of the year on the O line. Just something that we don’t want to accept. During the game, it is like, ‘How do we get out of this? Let’s try to figure out a way to score and get some momentum here.” We just never got anything going. Now, as you look at yourself and what did we do wrong in the game and how do you fix it, you come out and have a great week of practice. That is kind of what we have been focused on. It is unfortunate – you never want to play like that – but we are real focused on just getting better, getting back to the fundamentals and trying to take that next step as a group because they are a good front coming up this week, as well.”


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