G Joel Bitonio (10.6.22)


On his biceps:

“It is getting better. It is just a little maintenance thing that we have to deal, with but it is getting better.”


On how the Browns offense can increase their TD percentage in the red zone from last week:

“I think it is really just about executing. I think you have seen we have had success down there. Last game was not as successful as we wanted, and we talked about wanting to execute better run or pass. Whatever is called down there, we have the ability to execute. You saw in the first game of the season, we passed down on the 1, and we scored. There are plays that we have, and usually they are pretty good plays when we call them. We just have to really go out and execute them and don’t hurt ourselves. We had a penalty down there this time. We have things of that nature that really throw you off. When you are on first and goal on the 1 and it is on the 11, it is a little bit different. There are some things that we can improve, but we have been focused on it as well this week.”


On Chargers OLB Khalil Mack:

“He is a great player. He does everything really well. You put him out on the edge, he can stop the run and he can wreak havoc in the run game, and he has been pass rushing really well this year, as well. He kind of can play both sides now. With (injured Chargers OLB) Joey Bosa out – those two are a great tandem – he can kind of play where he likes on the right or the left side. and he has great moves. He is a heck of a player for them, and he is definitely someone that we have our eye on this week.”


On T Jedrick Wills Jr.’s performance this season:

“He is playing real well. I think last game was one of his better games here in Cleveland. Just really on top of his assignments and getting his job done. A huge test this week with Khalil Mack. That is going to be a big step up for him in competition. He is playing really well. You saw on that touchdown run he had a nice block down the field. Just doing some really good things. I think he has had a whole offseason to focus and know what he needs to improve on, and he is healthy.”


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