G Joel Bitonio (10.20.22)


On overcoming injuries on the Browns OL:

“It starts in the offseason and training camp. You start developing guys and getting guys ready because you know O line is a tough position to stay healthy for 17 games. Anytime you lose a starter, it is a big loss obviously, but I think we have guys who are preparing, getting reps this week and have all season. (Offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan is one of the better developers of O line guys in the league. He puts in the time. He puts in the extra work. Those guys really do work hard to be ready. Whoever is going this week I think is going to be ready to play.”


On how G Hjalte Froholdt performed at RG last week after G Wyatt Teller sustained a calf injury in the first half:

“It was good. Anytime you come into a game, it is a little shocking, especially in a game like that where you are passing the ball every down pretty much. He stepped in and did an admirable job. I know everybody has things that they want to clean up, but overall, I think it was a real positive.”


On Froholdt’s strengths at G and mobility:

“I think he is stronger than me and Wyatt. He is like a Strong Man if you ever look at his build. He has a great anchor. He actually moves very well, too, though. He moves well. He has a lot of potential and a lot of talent. You saw him pull last week a couple of times, and he got around the edge. I think they try and look for the same characteristics for the guys. He is a really strong guy, and he plays really well. It is just getting to know who you are playing next to and understanding the games that they are running at you with stunts, blitzes and things of that nature.”


On if Froholdt’s strength is evident in the weight room:

“Oh yeah. I think he wants to be a Strong Man when he is done playing. I think his squat ability and his ability to move weights is pretty impressive.”


On the significance of back-to-back AFC North games:

“We are at a big moment for our season. We are not where we want to be record wise. We have two division opponents. You handle your business, and you see where you are there. No one has really pulled away in our division yet so it is a big moment. I think the guys understand the sense of urgency. It is something. We have to find a way to get a win. We have been stressing that, but it is very important this week. I think the guys are committed to putting in whatever work is necessary. I don’t know if you need extra work, but make sure that you are 100 percent committed to getting those results.”


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