G Joel Bitonio (10.14.21)

On making his 100th career start last week:

“It could have been better if we would have pulled the win off, but it was good. We did some good things on offense. I got to see my family the night before so it was a good trip. Obviously, I wish we would have gotten the win.”


On if the mindset following last week’s loss is that both are good teams and move forward:

“We talked about it. We watched the film, and we got better from it. We try and learn from it, but I think the main takeaway was we just have to find ways to win those games. Two good teams playing, we had our chances and find a way to win.”


On how WR Odell Beckham Jr. is handling not getting many targets:

“I do not talk to him about targets or anything like that, but I know his run blocking has been pretty up there. If you go watch some of those plays that he had, I know he took out a safety one time on kind of a push-crack play, downfield blocking and all of those things. He is running hard to get other guys open. All of the things that do not show up in a box score, but the way he is playing the game, he is playing hard so I do not think it has had any effect.”


On Beckham’s mentality of ‘the only goal is to win a championship this season’:

“Yeah, that is what I have seen on every other play that he has had out on the field.”


On if T Jedrick Wills or T Jack Conklin could play on Sunday:

“I have no idea.”


On G Blake Hance’s performance at LT last week:

“He fought. He went out there and played pretty well honestly. That is a tough matchup. (Chargers OLB) Joey Bosa – we talked about – he is one of the best D ends in the league. I think he split his time. He kind of lined up over the left tackle a little bit more than he normally does, and Blake held his own. Obviously, we always take everything from tape and find things to improve on, but he fought, he run blocked really hard and he held up in pass pro pretty well. It was really cool to see because that guy works hard. Throughout training camp, he is probably one of the guys who has played all five positions. To be thrown out in there in your first career start at left tackle against Joey Bosa on the road is no easy test, but I thought he performed really well.”