First half/halftime quotes (8.29.19)

Head Coach Freddie Kitchens:

On the defensive performance:

“We did a good job of carrying over the performance from Tampa, but that is the expectation. We want that to become the norm, and I think they are buying into that. As long as they keep playing hard and cut down on the mental errors, then we will be okay.”


On what he is looking for from the offense in the second half:

“Same thing as the defense in that we want to see us cut out these penalties and see where we are. It seems like every time we got a big chunk, we would have a dropped ball or a penalty so I would like to see it without those two things.”


WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On the excitement for the first regular season game:

“I can’t explain my excitement. I heard the National Anthem earlier and it is a trigger song for me. When I heard it tonight, it was the first time I really felt like it was real. In 10 days, we will be playing real football. I know that I am excited. I know that everyone on this team is excited and we are just ready to go out and have fun with all of the hard work we have put in.”


On his transition to the Browns:

“Things are settling down for me. I have been learning the ropes and I have my house that I am about to move into so I am starting to settle in. It is getting more and more real, and I guarantee when I hear the National Anthem next week, it will be really real.”


On the Browns WRs:

“You know for these guys this is a dream. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for them and you want to make the most of these opportunities. It is unfortunate that not everyone can make it, but I know that these guys are out here battling, and I am out here with any tips and tricks I can give them so that I can be there for them. Like you said, it is a room where I got my brother in there so I am just excited to step on the field with him. I still can’t believe that this happened and it is real.”


On high expectations for the Browns this year:

“Absolutely, I expect a lot from us. For me, I have always been a person who wants to put up as many points as possible, but having a defense like the one we have, not that we shouldn’t have to put up too many points, but they are going to make a lot of stops. It is just going to be up to us to go out there and puts points up on the board.”


CB Denzel Ward:

On taking rookie CB Greedy Williams under his wing:

“I definitely have taken him under my wing. That is my friend. He is out there right now. Hope he is doing good. I really just give him tips and tell him what I went through, as well, when I was a rookie. I was obviously in the same shoes that he is in now. I just talk to him. He has a lot of confidence. He is out there, making plays and doing what he has to do.”


On the talent of the defense, while the offense is getting the press during the offseason:

“We definitely have a pretty good defense. We let all the hype and everything go to the offense right now. We will show what we have to do on defense next week.”