FB Andy Janovich (9.18.20)

FB Andy Janovich:

On if the run production last night was what he envisioned when joining the Browns and RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt: 

“Yeah, absolutely. Any game that you are playing and you want to just establish a run game, you just dominate your opponent in that aspect. I figured that they brought me in here just to make blocks so they can have big runs and all that, and that is what we did last night.”


On securing the win with six consecutive runs on the last scoring drive:

“It is a blast. Every time you make a block on a linebacker, you see Nick or (RB) Kareem just taking off for a huge run you are just like, ‘We got this in the bag.’ We could have ran all over them all night if we wanted, which we did, but we could have had 300 or 400 yards if we wanted. It is really gratifying for something like that to happen.”

On what Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s decision to go for it on fourth-and-short does for the offense’s confidence:

“That is just him trusting us. Pretty simple. He has faith in us and says, ‘I believe in you guys and we are going to go get it.’ Obviously, the goal line did not work, but it puts him in a hairy situation, too which, obviously, we recovered a fumble from them. Backed up situation, it is tough for anybody to do it, especially a rookie quarterback.”

On if he appreciates Stefanski’s aggressiveness to go for it on fourth-and-short at the goal line:

“Yeah, absolutely. Just something like that and just going for it on fourth down, the faith that he has in you and we are there to score points so let’s go score some points.”

On what was not working during the Bengals’ goal-line stand and why the Browns were successful on the next attempt:

“Their defensive line got through quite a bit. That kind of hurt us a little bit. Nick was making cuts that he should not have had to make, and they ended up getting a stop out of it. We just have to clean that up, and we should be good.”

On what makes Chubb and Hunt so effective as a RB tandem:

“They are probably the two best running backs in the NFL if you ask me. They are both downhill runners, but Nick is just a powerful guy. Hunt, he has a lot of wiggle to him. You just watch him and people just bounce off him. I do not know how he does it. If somebody touches me, I fall down (laughter). It is impressive watching those guys.”

On the Browns OL’s performance last night, including with injuries:

“They played their asses off. Stefanski said it the beginning of the week, it starts up front – offensive line and defensive line. I think on both sides of the ball day, they controlled it. The offensive line was just pushing guys around. That is why we had such a great run game. If they are missing blocks and not moving guys, we are obviously not going to run at all. Credit to those guys. It all starts with them. They did a heck of a job. Hopefully, we just have to keep this ball rolling.

On T Jedrick Wills Jr.’s development:

“It is good. He still has a lot to clean up, just like anybody else on the team. From Week 1 to Week 2, just the MAs (missed assignments) and all that, he is playing with a lot more confidence. I think he had OV (DE Olivier Vernon) working him all camp so he got a little taste of what it was like. I think OV helped him a lot. Just the terrible pass rushes that he had, it was hard to watch sometimes, but it made him a better player. I think it has helped them in the long run.”

On why he believes Chubb and Hunt are the two best RBs in the league:

“Yeah, like I said, I think they are the two best in the NFL. You see it, one cut and they are gone. They are just gashing people. I think Nick had 17 broken tackles last night, and Hunt had nine or something like that. Even after they are getting a 20-yard run, they are still making people miss after that. They are so hard to take down that I would not want to tackle them. It is awesome to watch. It is awesome to block for those guys.”

On Chubb carrying four defenders on his back and if he wants to ‘watch that 100 times’ when he sees it:

“Oh, yeah, absolutely. Our coach was rewinding it back and forth, just how impressive it is. He is saying as a coach you can’t teach that and it is just natural ability, and most guys can’t do what they can do. It is unbelievable. That is pretty much all you can say about. It is just their talent and their work ethic. It is pretty awesome.”

On if he wishes he had thighs as big as Chubb:

“Both of them. I can’t believe how big Nick is.”

On why he felt the offense could have had 300 or 400 rushing yards last night and when he recognized the Browns running game was really clicking:

“Just running last night, we felt like we could have had more if we ran the ball more. We pass it sometimes, which I guess you have to do. Just watching the film today, we were one block away on two or three plays that they probably would have scored a 60- or 70-yard touchdown on. That is where those extra yards would have came in and just on a couple plays that they would have just ran forever and hit their head on the goalpost.”

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