Eagles S Rodney McLeod

S Rodney McLeod:

On putting all the work in during the week but still coming out on the losing end: 

“It is hard. We all put so much work into this. We prepare hard. We go to practice each and every day and then we show up on Sundays expecting to win when you do all those things and come in not what you were expecting to just digest that. This has been the story for us obviously the past couple of weeks, heartbreaking losses throughout the season. Whether we are losing by three points or seven or less, it is tough. I would be lying if I said that it was not, but at the end of the day, there are still six more games left. I would never quit. I know this team and our identity, and no one has that in them. We are going to get back to work and grind this thing out. All we care about is Monday night and Seattle. That is the next opponent, and we have to get to work and hope for a different outcome next Monday.”

On how frustrating it was for the defense to give up only 13 points but the offense surrender nine:

“At the end of the day, we care about those 13 points that we gave up. That is where we have to improve. It was not good enough. We talked about eliminating big plays, and they capitalized on three today. They all contributed and turned into points. When I look at this film closely, I have to look at what we can do as a defense to change the outcome of the game, myself included. I look at the long run that (RB Nick) Chubb had, and I missed that tackle. I pride myself on being a good tackler. Other plays were self-inflicted that they got on us. Next week, we have to eliminate those if we want to be the leader on this team. As the defense, we set the pace. We can’t allow those plays to happen. We have to minimize them as much as possible and create more turnovers for our team.”

On if the Eagles could have done anything differently to defend the play-action pass:

“I think one of them was a miscommunication. We did not get the line well, which we can’t have happen. They went tempo and guys did not get the call so they caught us. Outside of that, we just have to be more disciplined and better eyes on those plays.”

On Chubb’s 54-yard run:

“They went stretch-open, and I do not really know what took place. I know I am just running the alley, I see (Eagles DE Josh) Sweat, he had the secure tackle and we talked about it all week… Chubb and Hunt, they have great balance, and it is going to take a lot of guys to get them down. He just outran me a little bit. Luckily, guys did pursue to the ball, though. That is a good thing about that play. It did not turn into a touchdown. We gave our defense a second chance, and we almost held up. That is all I have on that play.”

On what the Browns were doing on deep passing plays:

“When you have an effective run game, even though I do not think it was as effective today, you still have to respect it. Those running backs are very talented, and I think that is all that was us putting emphasis on the run game, being overly aggressive and them taking advantage of that, and they were able to get a couple big plays. Like I said, we have to minimize that, correct it – they are all fixable – and not have it happen next week.”

On his reasoning for hope for the remainder of the season:

“My belief. My faith. I know the men we have in this locker room. I have been in battle with a lot of them. From what I see, even on the fields on Sunday, that is what keeps me encouraged and that is what keeps me believing that we will turn this around. It is on us individually to look at ourselves in the mirror and get this thing fixed. No one else can do it for us. It is going to take the 53 men that go out on that field next Monday to change the outcome.”

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