Eagles RB Miles Sanders (11.22.20)

Eagles RB Miles Sanders:

On what changed from the first to second half in their run game:

“Nothing really changed. They made a good adjustment in the run game. I just tried to get them on some good play action and get a groove going. That is probably the only change I can say – not running away from the ball – but they just made a good adjustment in our run game.”

On the fumble at the five-yard line:

“I have to be better. No excuses, just have to be better. I exposed myself in there and they got one. They got one under me.”

On their success early in the game running the ball versus the end:

“They just made a good adjustment in the second half. I do believe we just have to keep straining and straining more to keep that running game going in all our games and to keep it consistent. That is what I do believe. Have to give credit to the Cleveland Browns. They made good adjustments and made it hard for us to run the ball.”

On what adjustment the Browns made:

“The linebackers shot gaps faster than in the first half. Because of the weather, they did not expect either team to throw the ball as much. But we were very effective in the first half, so they probably just keyed on it.”

On if he had a sense of what C Jason Kelce was playing through:

“I do not know the exact injury; I just know that is a tough son of a gun. Probably the toughest player on our team and plays through whatever. He does whatever it takes to stay on the field and help us win. Even in practice, when he can take easy days, he is always there practicing. I do not know his injury; I just know he is going to be fine and ready for practice on Wednesday.”

On what gives him confidence in his team going forward:

“My faith and hope. Knowing the type of guys we have in this locker room, the type of teammates, type of coaches and type of organization we have. There is no quit in us. We still have a lot of football left, but time is running out, obviously. We have to get this thing right, like soon, like fast, because come Monday night, we are going to see what we are really about.”

On the game plan for Eagles QB Carson Wentz to stay in pocket:

“That is not our only play-action-type play, but I think we had one roll-out pass. We just tried to get the run game going, open up more stuff, which we did. We took some shots down the field and they were very effective. I think we just lost our rhythm and stupid penalties, turnovers, including myself, just have to be better.”

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