Eagles HC Doug Pederson (11.22.20)

Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson:

On whether he considered pulling Eagles QB Carson Wentz for QB Jalen Hurts at any point, and if he would make that move at some point:

“With the way the game was going, the elements and we were really just a score from putting ourselves back into this football game, I did not consider that.”

On why a timeout was not called after the sack by Eagles DE Josh Sweat before halftime:

“Honestly, I do not recall the play. I know we were trying to save timeouts to get the ball back, possibly, and use the timeouts on offense. There was a reasoning, I just cannot think of the reasoning right now. We discussed it. Listen, ask me tomorrow, because I will definitely give you a better answer tomorrow. Sorry about that.”

On whether Eagles T Jason Peters was benched or took himself out:

“No, I did not [bench him]. He had kind of injured himself so he had come out.”

On whether Wentz will start next week and if there is any question about it:

“Yes. He is our starter. No question about it. He is our starter.”

On this being the ninth different starting offensive line and its effect on the offense as a whole:

“It is difficult. Part of the offensive line is having that group together – all five guys. We just have not had that this season and it is hard to get that continuity and that consistency up front. It is a challenge. The thing with the O-line is that these guys rely on each other and the more they play together, the more they anticipate what a defense might present. Any time you have as many moving pieces as we have had, it throws that rhythm out. It has been a challenge this season, no question.”

On what the message to the team was after this loss and what needs to change:

“The message to the team, basically, is pretty simple. We are where we are because of the mistakes that we have been making – coaches and players, that is everybody included. But this will be a great test for our football team. This will be a great sign to see, really, who is in and who is out. That was the message. That is the challenge to everybody and that is just where we are. It is a matter of now really challenging the leadership of the football team, challenging the coaches, challenging the guys to keep this thing together. There are six football games left. We still an opportunity, obviously, in our division, but it is just really going to challenge all of us moving forward.”

On whether he expected better protection for QB Carson Wentz considering OL Isaac Seumalo was back and Browns DE Myles Garrett was out:

“It was really good to get (Eagles G) Isaac (Seumalo) back out there and again. This is his first time back in the offensive line since early in the season. I think I will have a chance to watch the film to see how he does. There were some good things in the first half that we were able to take advantage of. Then, (Eagles C Jason) Kelce got the injury there in the second quarter. Then, (T) Lane (Johnson), then JP (Eagles T Jason Peters). So the second half became a little different. That is that continuity that I was talking about.”

On identifying the problems to clean up leading to this game, but then making the make mistakes:

“It says we have got to coach better. It says we have got to play better. It says we have to pay attention to our jobs. Plain and simple. These games come down to three or four plays, and that is kind of what this game here today came down to. It was about four plays that were mistakes by us—the turnovers, costly penalties. So we have to fix it.”

On the defensive linemen continually jumping offside and whether the team has considered benching them or imposing other discipline to stop it:

“No. If you have a lot more depth at positions, maybe you can do that. Maybe you can bench guys. But when you dress the number of guys you dress for games on Sundays, it is hard. Again, it is concentration. When I talk about the details and execution, that is part of it. That kind of stuff falls in line with turnovers or with lack of takeaways, whatever it is. Those are the things that hold us back.”

On whether he would have full authority to bench Wentz if he felt that was the right decision:

“Look, I think if you get that spot where you do not start him or you bench him, I think you are sending the wrong message to your football team that the season is over. That is a bad message. We have to work through this. When times get tough, sometimes that might be the easy thing to do. This business is about work. This business is about detail and having ownership – things I talk about with the team. That is what we have got to do. That is coaches and players. That is not one guy. It is bigger. This sport is bigger than one guy. We all have a hand in it and we all have to fix it.”

On his perspective on the pick-six and on the safety:

“The first pick-six, we broke down in protection. We had, I think, an opportunity there on the throw to get the ball out into (Eagles WR) Jalen Reagor’s hands. We just broke down in protection and got hit as the ball was being thrown and it popped up. They made a play. The one in the end zone, again it is just an awareness thing. We just have to know when the clock is going off in your head, you have to throw it away in those situations like that. We were there earlier in the game and were able to complete a pass down there. We have to try and stay as aggressive as possible, but it is something we will learn from.”

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