DT Sheldon Richardson (9.10.20)

DT Sheldon Richardson:

On playing Sunday with no fans at M&T Bank Stadium:

“It is definitely going to be awkward a little bit. We are out there on a goal. The fans kind of make the game what it is. It is just going to be an adjustment. Just like everything in football, throw crazy stuff at you, and you just have to be able to adjust and adapt.”

On opening the season with a divisional game against the Ravens and the significance of the game:

“It is a division game so that is about as much value as it holds in itself. It is very important to get the first W and it is in the division. You want to win in the division as much as possible and keep it going from there. It is only Week 1 so a whole lot of season [left].”

On what made the Ravens running game so strong last year and the addition of Ravens RB J.K. Dobbins:

“I suggest create more problems for us to tackle, honestly. Other than that, same old Ravens offense – running the ball, getting their playmakers in open space and (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson) being himself.”


On if it is tougher to face an offense and running game like the Ravens with limited contact in training camp and no preseason games:

“We had a whole lot of running going on over here on our end, too, during training camp. We got prepared with (RBs) Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. I will take my numbers with that.”

On what makes Jackson so hard to defend and what the Ravens may have done to make Jackson even more challenging to face:

“I don’t know what they did for him this year for them to take it up another notch, but to me, it is like he is playing Madden out there, honestly.”

On describing Jackson’s combination of speed and what makes Jackson so difficult to defend:

“An athlete.”

On the differences in the Browns this year compared to last year:

“We were young last year. Guys have more on-field experience. Offensively, I think they are clicking a little bit more than they were in camp. Defensively, I think we are still a tight unit. Just new bodies as far as linebacker and new additions we have as far as safeties and stuff like that. I feel like we are just going to be ready when Week 1 comes on Sunday. Really no predictions about it. You don’t know. We haven’t had a preseason game so you don’t know where you stand and it is just going off of practice film. Week 1, we see where we stand. We feel like we are ready for it, we are getting prepared for them and just leave it at that.”

On what Chubb brings to the Browns locker room:

“Work ethic. Definitely brings work ethic. Does not talk much. I bring conversation out of him. He will talk if you talk to him, but he is not going to go generate a conversation. He is usually on his phone or something by his locker. Other than that, great guy. Excellent, excellent running back and a true professional.”

On preparing for a team with no preseason film and if the team can review film from past seasons:

“For the most part, yeah, they are going to stick to who they are. I do not think he turned into (Packers QB) Aaron Rodgers no time soon. Honestly, he is going to stick to what they do best, and that is running the football.”

On if the Browns defense is where they need to be heading into the season opener:

“I feel like we are in a good standing. I do not know where we need to be as far as midseason form or season form type deal, but that is everybody’s fear. They did not have too many live periods this year trying to keep guys healthy. I think that is across the league. Like I said, Sunday we will find out exactly where we are.”

On the most dangerous aspect of Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s game:

“His feet.”

On why Jackson’s feet are most dangerous aspect of his game:

“Savvy in the pocket. Knows how to manipulate the rush to his advantage. When an offensive lineman does break down, he knows how to read, get in and does not escape in one spot. He escapes anywhere he wants to because of his speed.”

On if the opposing play caller is significant to a defensive player and if the team scouts opposing play callers:

“We scout the whole entire thing. I have not been a part of an organization that did not scout the scheme that the offensive coordinator is running. No matter who is calling plays, it is still within his scheme and still have to bring out the formations that they are comfortable with running. Anything new, we make adjustments to it when the game goes on.”

On if he personally has a book of opposing coaches’ play calling:

“I have some stuff stored away from way back when. Not too much, though.”

On the stress that WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry put on a defense when at full speed: 

“A lot, but it is only one football. I am pretty sure they have their adjustments and what weaknesses they think they are trying to expose. I do not think it is going to be early. I feel like teams are going to try to put five pressures on (QB) Baker Mayfield early, but that is something the offense can get that stuff fixed up.”


On if he noticed anything different about Beckham and Landry, given that they are healthier this season: 

“Confidence is up for the boys. Juice is definitely one of the ones who keeps me going and keeps the juice going for the offense. Odell is definitely more confident in the offense this season. Just hoping that those guys go in there and score a lot of touchdowns.”


On what he has seen from QB Baker Mayfield on the field and from a leadership standpoint: 

“Completing passes in practice more often than last year. Some of the tougher throws, he is making in practice. I see him, he is having more confidence in throwing them. I told him sometimes you just have to lead and they might not always be as open as you want them to be. You just have to make sure they are the only ones that can get the ball. Other than that, he has been himself, more confident if anything. He is taking on the challenges of everybody around him. I told him to block out the noise, just keep focusing on yourself and just make sure you are right.”

On his emotions heading into Week 1, given the uncertainty of the offseason: 

“I am definitely tired of hitting my own teammates, that is for sure. I am definitely getting ready and I want to hit somebody else. Anxious. If anything, just anxious to see how it feels. Like I said, it is going to be new for everybody not having a fan base at any stadium for real. It might feel like practice.”


On if he was ever concerned that there would not be a NFL season: 

“Yes, there was a concern. There definitely was a concern. I did not know if it was or if it was not [going to happen]. I know a lot of guys, the star power type guys, wanted that and wanted to say they want to make sure that everything dies down and there is no point in risking our lives and stuff like that as far as the coronavirus. Other than that, the season is here now and we are full throttle.”

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