DT Sheldon Richardson (12.14.20)

DT Sheldon Richardson:

On understanding there are no moral victories and if the Browns can take anything away from this game moving forward, given the Week 1 result:

“No, we are building onto next week.”

On what the Browns defense was unable to do in order to contain Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“Stopping him running. Like I told you Week 1, he is a run quarterback. He had 88 yards passing. Pretty much, he beat us with his feet, like I thought he would.”

On positive takeaways from tonight’s game:

“We competed.”

On his reaction after RB Kareem Hunt’s TD with one minute on the clock:

“Defense’s time to stop them.”

On how much energy the Browns defense had left near the end of the game:

“As long as there is time on the clock, I think we always still have energy.”

On what QB Baker Mayfield showed after rallying with a strong performance following the interception:

“He is resilient. He has grit. He still knows how to put his team ahead in football games.”

On what the Browns have done so far to give the team confidence going forward:

“One thing for sure and two things for certain, we always find ways to win, and we just didn’t pull one out tonight. That is all it is. There is no special remedy for it. We play hard, violent football. We need to calm down on the penalties, even though I think a lot of those were a little fugazzie. Leave it at that.”

On defensive confidence for the next few games following tonight’s game:

“We always find ways to win. We just didn’t find one today.”

On the character of the Browns defense that will help the team going forward:

“We always find ways to win. We just didn’t pull one out today.”

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