DT Sheldon Richardson (11.20.20)

DT Sheldon Richardson:

On not having DE Myles Garrett at practice this week and learning Garrett will be out on Sunday: 

“Hate to see it, but next man up. That is what it is. Just been rotating guys in and seeing who has been producing this week and throughout the weeks that he has been here as far his backup. Moving like that.”

On losing a player of Garrett’s caliber, given Garrett is a potential candidate for NFL Defensive Player of the Year: 

“You kind of answered that questions yourself – a potential Defensive Play of the Year. Still, the guys who are behind him have to make a name for themselves, too. Guys have to be at the same level, but come in and make a name for yourself.”

On if it is more unsettling to be missing a player of Garrett’s caliber while understanding the next man up mentality: 

“Not necessarily. It is the defensive end position and believing that there are guys who are more than capable of filling in and making a name for themselves and making plays. There is nothing too hard about coming in and doing your job when an opportunity presents itself to get a sack. That is what Myles does. He is a sack master for us that puts pressure on the quarterback consistently. Other than that, just need guys to do the same thing.”

On potential lessons learned when the team played without Garrett at the end of last season and if the Browns may be better prepared to play without Garrett due to that experience: 

“It is the system. You learn the system, and other than that, it is nothing. Except for the packages installed for him that tend to be more dominant against a weak offensive linemen, honestly, it is nothing really different for us going in as far as game planning. You are still within the defense. He is just willing to make plays within the defense so that is the best thing about it.”

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski saying it is possible he will take reps at DE and if he embraces that opportunity: 

“I am perfectly fine with it. Whatever the team needs me to do to win, I am pretty much going to do it. Whatever Coach asks me. I know the playbook pretty well inside and out. Just be ready for anything.”

On if he has taken snaps at DE this week and if he has talked to Garrett recently: 

“I have not talked to him. A few text messages but nothing too crazy. Just checking up on him. Other than that, really just me getting defensive end rushes, if it is needed, I will be able to do it.”

On if he is fired up about the chance to play DE because he is always lobbying to do more: 

“Definitely. Definitely. There are more opportunities for everybody on the defensive line to get out there and make a play, too. That is how I look at it. Wish my guy a speedy recovery.”

On if DE Porter Gustin is making steady progress, given Porter may play more snaps on Sunday: 

“Most definitely. Like I said, next man up, and he is more than capable of doing that. The reason why you have seen him make some plays is he is consistent in what he does. The more opportunities he gets, the more plays being made by him. We will see. I can’t wait to see what happens.”

On how he and teammates are holding up through the pandemic from a personal and football standpoint: 

“I look at it as a positive. Just even more focused on football. Less outside distractions for us and off the field problems for the whole team. Guys just moving forward for us and bettering themselves in their profession.”

On the Browns being in playoff contention midway through the season:

“Just have to keep winning. One game at a time, one play at a time. Nothing too major. Do not look past anybody. Everybody is a big opponent as of that week. That is how we are looking at it. 1-0 mentality, honestly. Just try to keep maintaining everybody’s moral as far as keeping going during the pandemic as you say. Only thing that is different is guys’ less mingling as far as getting to know the younger guys on the team, picking their brains. You have to keep away from them and can’t meet now as far as defensive line dinners and stuff like that. It is just a little different for us like the tradition that I have been accustomed to as far as being in the NFL so that is the only thing I can say that has been a bummer.”

On how much attention he pays to other teams in playoff contention:

“I am not keeping an eye. I am worried about me and my team only and what we are doing this week. I do not watch TV that much. I am usually a Netflix and Hulu guy. They praise you and then they praise you and praise you, and then as soon as you do something wrong, they tear you down just as fast. It comes with the territory so I just keep my mind clear of it all. Like I said, I take my wins like I take my loses and just learn from them.”

On DE Adrian Clayborn having an opportunity to prove himself on Sunday:

“He is good. He is a pretty even-keel, laid back guy, even more than me. As far as him, the hip injury did disturb his rush a little bit and production a little bit as far as that goes. Honestly, he just can’t even wait to get out there like he wants to, getting more defensive end reps hopefully, but you have to make do with the reps you get.”

On facing Eagles QB Carson Wentz, who has been known to hold onto the ball longer:

“There have not been too many quarterbacks holding the ball against us. It has been kind of quick throws. If it is down-the-field passes, it has been max protected so we do not think it is going to be anything different. We will see when the game gets here and make our sideline adjustments as needed.”

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