DT Sheldon Richardson (11.15.20)

DT Sheldon Richardson:

On how big was it for the Browns to win in a bad weather game like this after the loss to the Raiders:

“It was big. An AFC matchup. Needed that. One step further closer to our goals. Next team up, though. Can’t let it linger on it too long. Enjoy it for the night, but back to lab tomorrow.”

On the difference in the way the Browns defense defended the run today compared to the Raiders game:
“Everybody playing the ball together, not just one person making the play. Everybody playing his assignment. That is all. Clean up our mistakes from last week.”

On what it was like during the national anthem when the weather changed drastically to cause a delay:

“It was weird. I thought he was signing his tail off, honestly (laughter).”

On if he has ever had a game where he came out for kickoff and had to go back in the locker room:
“First time.”

On DE Myles Garrett saying it was a full sack versus a split sack with him:

“Yeah, that is a half. They will give him a half (laughter).”

On playing in a football game with RBs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt and what they bring to the table playing ‘Cleveland Browns brand of football’:

“I love it. I love it. I love it. Watching the boys run up the field like that, that is something you have seen once or twice and a couple of times in training camp, and thought like, ‘That is not going to happen in the game. I hope it happens in the game.’ They have been carrying the team for real.”

On Chubb not scoring on the big run to seal the game:

“I am a defensive guy so I do not know personally. I definitely would have scored that one, though – I would (laughter). Kudos to him, but I would have put us up two possessions and padding the stats.”

On the goal line stand against the Texans:

“Just doing my job. I knew what kind of figured they would fourth down. You want to put the ball in your money man’s hands so that is just what it was. I kind of figured it was either going to be some type of quick either screen or draw. When they went empty, I just knew it was a QB draw, bubble or screen so I just played my position, baited a little bit into the B-gap where my help was at because I knew (DT) Larry (Ogunjobi) would probably have a double-team on him so Myles was there to make the play. If not, I was still there.”

On if he could notice the difference in the Browns D line as a whole coming off the bye week, particularly from a health standpoint:

“Definitely showed up a lot today as far as us getting back healthy. Guys hands banged up, shoulders here and there, nicks and things trying to fight through it. Once again, we are back in the grind of it so we have to get back to it. It only last a week for being healthy.”

On the significance of winning a game when the defense does not collect any takeaways:

“That is something that we missed out on our quotas of getting the ball back to the offense, but we did something that we have not did in the past two weeks and that is make them punt. That was a big thing for us. Just playing sound defense and playing together. We did that.”

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