DT Mike Hall Jr. (5.10.24)

What are your goals for this rookie minicamp? What do you hope to accomplish?

“Well firstly I just got here, so I have to learn names and all that and learn faces. But to hit the ground running and make an impact. Just getting into my playbook and understanding that, but also just getting out here with the guys and making a strong brotherhood.”


What has the first little bit in the building been like for you and just the last couple weeks since you’ve been drafted?

“Yeah, it’s been a hell of a feeling being here. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, so it’s just a great feeling. All blessings to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”


Have you put on a Browns jersey yet?

“Not yet, not yet. I put the practice jersey on, but it ain’t the real thing.”


Will that be a particular thrill for you just to put it on?

“Oh yeah, no doubt. I feel like it won’t really sink in until that first game when I’m really getting ready for it. Time for war.”


Was it like that for you at Ohio State?

“Yes sir. It really didn’t hit me until that first game for sure.”


What kind of reaction have you gotten from your teammates at Ohio State?

“I still talk to those guys, even to this day. Just a blessing to be around those guys. Just a good group of guys and we still talk to this day, so I’m pretty sure they’re cheering me on as I’m cheering them on as well. So, hopefully they can go win the National Championship.”


What has been your first impression of Jim Schwartz?

“He’s a great coach. He’s very demanding, so we have a lot of expectations that we have to meet and that’s good for me.”


What’s it been like talking to former Ohio State teammates these last couple of weeks?

“Just talking to Dawand (Jones), Luke (Wypler), and Ronnie (Hickman) and all of them. It’s very good to have Buckeyes in the building of course, but we still gotta keep the main thing the main thing. We gotta win and we gotta put that work in.”


How about guys like Maurice Hurst, have you met Maurice or any of these other guys yet or any of the veterans?

“No ma’am. I’ve met a couple of the vets, but nothing too crazy. They’re not all the way in the building just yet. It’s kind of still just the rookies.”


Were there times at Ohio State where you played nose tackle?

“Yeah, I mean I played all over from the 5 technique, to 3, the head up, or nose or anything like that. I played all over.”


We got the impression that you’re not going to be doing that, is that kind of a relief?

“I’m one of those guys who is doing whatever fits best for the team. No matter if I gotta stay on the edge or whatever, I’ll do whatever for the team.”


It’s so early in the process, but do you have any idea where you fit and how you fit?

“No sir, not at the moment. I wish I could answer that question. Just getting into my playbook right now and just learning new faces in the building and getting familiarized with everything.”


What are your overall expectations walking into the building right now?

“Just being a leader out here. It doesn’t take age or however many years in the league to be a leader. Just setting high expectations for myself and just demanding a level of excellence and play out here when I step onto the field.”


Scouting report’s talk about your long arms, do you think that’s a strength for you and how does it help you?

“I would say yes, it’s a strength. Having long arms with no power is nothing, so you gotta have great power in your legs. A lot of D-lineman, they’re great, they have a lot of lower body and are better on their lower half. A lot of guys are upper body strong, but I’m one of those guys who get a lot of my power from my lower half of my body.”


Is that something you’ve always noticed about yourself?

“Yeah, definitely. I can squat crazy, so for sure.”


Did you have a favorite player among the Browns growing up?

“Not really. I just love the Browns as a whole, it wasn’t just a certain player or anything that I look up to.”


Did Dawand happen to mention anything about what happened to him on his first day of rookie camp last year, did he share that with you?

“No, no. I don’t know what happened.”


You’re in school and now this is your job, what is that transition like?

“Oh that’s like a burden off of my shoulders. You don’t have to worry about going to class or going to study hall anymore. This is your classroom, the classroom is our meetings. Just getting out of all the distractions and outside noise, you just get to focus on one thing and have tunnel vision.”

Has it been overwhelming at all when you walk in and you’re getting the scheme thrown at you?

“No, it’s not overwhelming. I knew what I was getting myself into. They’re holding me to a high standard and I hold myself to a high standard. I am my worst critic. Just happy to be out here and I gotta get on top of my A-game for sure.”


Have they said anything at all about your size? Do they want you to stay the exact same size or change anything?

“Yeah, they haven’t said anything about that. I’m pretty sure they like me just the way I am.”


What kind of questions are you asking some of the guys in this building, in your room or even your coaches?

“Just asking questions. We haven’t been around vets or anything like that. Haven’t really been asking players or anything. Just asking coaches what it takes to be the Rookie of the Year. Just having high expectations for myself, but just trying to be the best version I can of myself.”


Do you have a favorite Browns memory from just watching?

“Not really, there’s just so many memories. It’s not one particular.”


What was the answer to the question on what it will take to be Rookie of the Year?

“It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. You gotta be the last guy out and first guy in. Got to be early to meetings and everything. Just have to stay after practice and be a student of the game, but just eager to learn more. Never be satisfied, never be comfortable. Always asking more questions.”


Was that answer from Jim Schwartz?

“No. It was coach Jacq (Cesaire).”


Is that a goal for you?

“Yeah, of course. I feel like anyone has that goal, you’d be a fool not to in this business.”


We haven’t met Coach Jacques yet, what’s he like?

“Great Coach. Very demanding like Coach Schwartz. They hold us to a high standard and a lot of expectations, but ultimately we have to put the work in ourselves. They can only want it for us so much, but at the end of the day, it’s Mike Hall that has to come out here on the field and make it happen.”


When you talk about Shwartz, how does he go about setting the tone with you guys?

“We haven’t been around Schwartz too much yet, we hear him talk a little bit. Like I said before, he’s very demanding and he means business. Whenever we’re in the building we have to pay attention and take notes.”


What has Coach Jacques said about your game that he really likes and wants you to show on the field?

“Just me, in general, I would say my get off. My ability to take off the ball and just my strength, speed, and power.”


There’s always a lot said about the adjustment from college to the NFL, what do you anticipate will be one of the biggest challenges and adjustments to the NFL?

“I’m not really worried about the challenges or anything like that. When I’m in the building I’m here to work, I don’t worry about any fears or anything like that. Just have to focus on the main thing, come out here and work. As long as you have that mindset, you’ll be good.”


Have you spent any time with the veterans yet? Or on the phone with them at all?

“No sir. A little bit, just getting a slight text or anything like that, but nothing major.”


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