DT Malik Jackson (9.29.21)

On how he is feeling heading into Week:

“Going into my fourth week, how do I feel? I feel pretty good. I think I am doing well in my run blocks and being consistent in my pass rushes. I would like to be a little bit more consistent in my pass rushes, working the edges and really getting to the quarterback a little faster. I feel like I am being consistent. Just have to keep growing and keep being consistent.”


On how practice is different this week when preparing for the Vikings:

“It is going well. Last week, we did a good job of really just locking down and really going over our stuff as (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods would call it ‘extra walkthroughs.’ Our leaders (LB) Malcolm Smith and (DE) Myles Garrett called a film session after practice on the Thursday. I think we are really starting to come together, really start to put stuff together and really have our leaders take over.”


On if the Browns defense feeds off of last week’s performance moving forward:

“Of course, you want to go out there and be able to say I am going to do that again, but this is the National Football League and teams are different. I think our deal is now that we have put it on tape, we have shown what we can do and we have shown that we can do it. Now, we have to go out there and show. We have a quarterback (Vikings QB Kirk Cousins) who has been in the league for a little bit longer and a team that has been together a little bit longer – can we go out there and do the same things as we did to the Chicago Bears? It is always a test. It is always a challenge. Consistency wins games in this league, and that is what we want to be.”


On the defensive gameplan not being much different last week and if the Browns defense is comfortable with an increase in blitzes early in the game and if there are more intricate ways to approach the gameplan each week:

“We just listen to Coach Woods. It is nice, he is being very modest. He is the one who puts us in position, and he is the one staying after work with his staff and really putting us in the right positions. I appreciate him. For us, just to go out there, do whatever he says and call it and play whatever he calls. We have to be ready. We have to be knowledgeable. We have to understand the situations and what they like to do. Whatever he calls, he is going to put us in the right positions. It is up to us to execute.”


On how DE Myles Garrett’s production last week helps the entire Browns DL create pressure in the future:

“Games ahead, it allows offensive linemen to slide to him so it opens up a lot of one on ones, and we have to capitalize on those one on ones. It just puts fear in the offense’s heart. Those tackles that see him, they are probably turning to those guards, ‘Hey, I need some help.’ Then you have a JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney), myself, (DT) Malik McDowell or (DT) Jordan (Elliott) down there, they have to kind of be careful of that because we are very good rushers in our own right. It creates stress for the O line, but then it opens up things for us where we can go out there and work our individual attributes and really go out there and win our one on ones.”


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