DT Malik Jackson (12.22.21)

On his experience last week with the game getting postponed:

“It was super crazy not knowing if you were going to play or not. I did not really realize we had 20 guys down so that was a lot. I think that is just what football is. That is why you have a team with a bunch of guys who are ready to get going and prove themselves. Yeah, it did suck as a week, but I think it gave our guys who were injured time to really get back and really be able to play at 100 percent, and it gave us time to really get the guys who need to know the plays and need to kind of get the extra time studying. It gave us time to study so I appreciate it being a team that needed the help.”


On the team’s mindset with three regular season games remaining and a 7-7 record:

“Try and go to 10-7. That is the goal. We understand the position we are in. We understand we need to start helping ourselves, get some wins and put ourselves in the postseason. 10-7 is our goal.”


On DE Takk McKinley sustaining a season-ending Achilles injury, DE Myles Garrett’s status currently being uncertain for this week with a groin injury, DE Jadeveon Clowney currently being on the reserve/COVID-19 list and the Browns pass rush for this week’s game at Green Bay:

“I appreciate you bringing up Takk because that man really worked hard. It was very unfortunate that I think he said he tore his Achilles. It is very unfortunate what happened to him. Takk personally is a guy who works hard. He does not say much, but when he speaks, you listen. He is very caring, and he always gives his all. For somebody to go out there, fight through so much and give his all and kind of go out like that, it sucks. It really hurt me when I saw him carted off the field, and then I saw him in the locker room or the training room after the game and even seeing him yesterday in the training room, it was just like, ‘Damn.’ I understand that because I had a Lisfranc injury, and I understand what it is to miss something that you really care for and that you put your heart in. Praying for Takk. Thank you for asking about that.


“As far as Myles goes, this is the next guy up mentality. We all play hard. This is a very physical game. It is very demanding. If guys feel like they can’t go, then it is the next guy up. I know Myles is a warrior, and he is going to try his hardest to go and be out there and help us. That is what I am expecting, but if he can’t, then that is what it is, and I expect (DE Curtis) Weaver, (DE) Porter Gustin or whoever is up to do their thing.”


On the emphasis on how to finish games moving forward after coming only one play short of a win last week:

“It is not a positive thing, but it is a good thing because in the fact it is stop beating ourselves. Executing the plays and being where we are supposed to be, and when you are called upon, doing your job. It sucks that is something that we have to focus on, but it is also a good thing that is something we can focus on because that means it is us, and we can control that. We can keep trying to control things that we can control and fix things that we can fix and go out and win games, instead of focusing on the negative side of these games. That is what it is.”


On how many times he has played Packers QB Aaron Rodgers:

“Maybe five total. I have not played him too many times.”


On preparing to face Rodgers, particularly given the uncertainty with the Browns DEs:

“First, I know Aaron personally. I call him ‘John Wick’ so I know ‘John’ personally (laughter). He is one of the best. You go in there, and you realize that he is. One of those things for me I know when we play him, we have to make sure I do my part as the D line. That is getting in his face, getting my hands up and make it hard for him to see it through. It takes a whole defensive effort when you play a guy like this, like against (Raiders QB Derek) Carr. Now about Myles, I do not know if he is out yet. I am going to put positivity in the air and say that he is going to be there so then that is what it is. Like I said, I think we have guys that have been sitting here [chomping at the bit] ready to get out there and show what they have. I do not think we will miss a beat. As good as Myles is, if we have two or three guys going just as hard, it will be good. I think we will be good.”


On how the ‘John Wick’ nickname for Rodgers originated:

“This was this offseason. He came in one day with the hair slicked back. He was going through his offseason stuff. Just the whole vibe was just John Wick, just do not care and just walking around doing your thing. That is what we called him. This was this last off season. I called him Mr. Wick (laughter).”


On if Rodgers laughed about the nickname:

“He dressed up as him for Halloween so I would like to say I put that in his ear (laughter), but I think that he knew who he was.”


On moving forward after an emotional loss:

“It is our job. It is one of those things that it is what we have to do. We have very quick memories. You would be surprised how fast we forget things. I think it is one of those things that we have to go out there, forget what happened, understand the situation to win and understand that we can’t have any more mess ups. That is it. Just live in that reality.”


On where he was with Rodgers during the offseason:

“We work out at Proactive in California in Westlake in the offseason. He is there sometimes, but I do not know if I want to blow up his spot – but enough about him (laughter).


On what makes G Joel Bitonio a great player, particularly after playing LT last week:

“Joel is very consistent. It is one of those things like you want to say, ‘Oh he does this. He does this,’ but he is just so consistent. I am not going to say he blends in, but he just does what he does. His hands are consistent. His footwork is consistent. He is just methodical in what he does. He is very cerebral. I think he is one of the best guards in the league, next to (G) Wyatt (Teller) – those two are the best – with (C) JC (Tretter) in the middle of them. The way he just goes out there and works, and I think that the O line coach (Bill Callahan) they have puts them in great positions. I think just the whole thing they have going on down there is great. I think Joel is just really receptive. He listens a lot, talks to the guys, understands what he is good at and what he is not and plays to his strengths. There are not many things he is not good at. I think Joel is an All-Pro caliber player and is going to be a once-in-a-generational player. When you have a guy who goes out there at tackle against Pro Bowl D ends and does not give up anything, I think that is very impressive. I know I have left games like that where I have felt terrible because I should have destroyed this guy. This guy showed up. I think it is a testament to Joel of just being ready to go out and being wherever you need to be.”


On his stance on daily and weekly testing versus targeted testing:

“It is twofold, right? Of course, you do not want to get tested because then that effects directly, but then you also want to keep safe and not act like you are masking things because this is a sensitive situation. For me, do I like the no testing? Yes because it allows me to go out there and play and not have to worry about anything. Do I think it is the wrong thing to do? Yes because we are also going out there getting people sick. The best thing for me to do and the most responsible thing is just to test guys. It is what it is. Follow the money, man.”


On if he was aware the NFL was close to cancelling games last week, based on NFLPA President and C JC Tretter’s comments:

“The league needs their TV money. I am not hearing that they were going to cancel anything. That is why they moved the Tuesday game. That is why they moved us to [5 p.m.] and still kept our game Saturday. If they cared about us, they would have moved that game on Saturday. The league does not care. They are going to make their money.”


On how the Browns executed with limited personnel and practice last week and the team’s preparation this week:

“To answer your second question, I think it is going to be tough because we do have a short week going into this game against a really good Packers team that got a full week of rest so I think that will be a disadvantage. I think it is what it is.


“As a defense – speaking just purely for defense – I thought we did well. We gave up 15 points, but I thought we went out there and did well. I think guys were locked in during the week. I think guys did a really good job of studying, being where they were supposed to be and understanding who that team was, knowing that the running back like to bounce the ball, ends and everybody were there. The secondary did their thing. That aspect, we did not win the game so obviously we did not do that well, but I thought just purely our performance, I thought we did well. Is it ideal to have these young guys at home all day? No, but that is just the way it is right now, and we have to be pros and be pro enough to understand this still is a 24-hour job. This is something that you have to watch film all day. Just because you are home all day does not mean you lose that. It is tough, but I think guys are pros, and guys are going to do what they need to do.”


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