DT Malik Jackson (10.4.21)

On the Browns defense’s turnaround in the past two weeks and how much of the Browns DL getting more familiar with each other’s skillsets has played a factor:

“I think it is us just growing, and like you said, being familiar with each other. The first few weeks, we had to take time and lean from each other, understand how we want to do it and what we personally want to look like for each other in all of these different games. Once we learned that, I think now you are starting to see the end product of us gelling and getting to the quarterback.”


On the physical nature shown early in yesterday’s game and how much he and DT Malik McDowell wanted to help set a tone for the game:

“I think we just play like that. Especially me and Malik, we just go out there and I tell him every time before we step out on the field, ‘It is us. Let’s go out here and do this. We should not even have to have the other two guys.  It is just me and him. Let us just go out there and play mean, play hard, get to the ball and take no BS.’”


On his relationship with McDowell:

“It is working really well. Malik – I guess they say is a rookie around here (laughter) – but he has come a long way. He is really learning the game fast, learning than what coach wants and learning the system fast. Being able to play with him, talk to him and let him know who I am and let him know how I am going to do on double-teams or what I am going to do on play-action passes, we are really just starting to gel, really understand each other and really getting that work through the week to get to Sundays. It is really coming together on Sundays.”


On similarities and differences between his and McDowell’s styles:

“Malik is a big boy. He is a brawler. He wants to get in there and just push you around. I try to just be a little more finessed with my pass rushes. He wants to get in there and push you around, put you on your butt and dominate you. He is big.”


On the Browns shutting out the Vikings after surrendering a long TD drive on the opening series:

“I think we just had to go out there and calm down. They had a good first 15 plays, plus I think we had some penalties in there that helped them out. I think we just had to just calm down and really just understand what they were doing. Once we got to the sideline and (defensive coordinator) Coach (Joe) Woods and especially my coach, (defensive line) Coach (Chris) Kiffin, kind of told us what we were doing, what we needed to expect and what they were doing. Once we got coached up, everything calmed down, and we just started playing our defense.”