DT Malik Jackson (10.19.21)

On the roughing the QB penalty in last week’s game against the Cardinals:

“It sucks because you just try to play hard to put your team in a position to win. Especially since we had a little momentum going into that second half, we just wanted to keep it going any we could. I got pushed in the back, but it is what it is. You can’t blame the refs for things. That is not how we do it around here. We put ourselves in a lot of positions to go out there and actually win the game. We just could not get it done. Just focus on that.”


On if as a veteran he helps encourage teammates to move past penalty calls, especially if they are questionable:

“Yeah, like the one (DT) Malik (McDowell) had, you just have to move past it. I think (Cardinals DE) JJ (Watt) had one. It just is what it is. They are going to call what they call. They are not going to change their minds so you are better off moving on to the next call and kind of changing what you can change. Just have to play hard.”


On the mentality of the team right now with the short week and injuries:

“Just scratch, fight, claw and get to Thursday, and you get your days off after that. We have a lot of guys who need some treatment, but it is football. It is what we signed up for so we have to get out there, play, get a win and make Coach happy.”


On if these circumstances with the team are a test of the team’s character:

“Yes and no because you have guys out there that I think it is to the point now where you have guys who are hurt or injured. Those hurt guys you can play, but those injured guys, you kind of have to find it and need you to play, too. Definitely some character and see how tough you are and how far you want to push yourself.”


On what stands out about Broncos OLB Von Miller:

“Just the things he does. Just being him. I think it is a simple answer, but just him being him just turning that edge and really just communicating and letting me know when I was with him what he wanted to do and I let him know what I wanted to do. Just communication and him being exactly who he thinks he is as far as being hard-nosed, pass-rushing, run-stopping. He is exactly who he thinks he is.”