DT Malik Jackson (10.11.21)

On if losses like yesterday are any easier to swallow:

“No, it is actually kind of harder. Especially when the offense goes out there and do what they do, we just need a few stops. A lot of the film we watched today, we just defeated ourselves, and that is kind of hard to swallow. No, it does not make it easier.”


On his message to some younger Browns teammates who may not have yet experienced losing a tough game that the team had an opportunity to put away:

“It is just what (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski said, just stay together and understand that we win together and we lose together. It is up to us just to really go out there, change the things we need to change and be better. Stay together.”


On if not having all of the Browns defensive players together for a significant period of time factored into miscommunication at times yesterday:

“No, I just think it is just things that we just have to be crisper. We have to be on the same page. I think that is all it is. I think when guys go down for a second and guys need to step up and we need to be on the same page and understand. It is like if one guy goes down, it is like nothing happened when the next guy steps up. I think it is just being on the same page and doing what we did Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and getting the job done.”


On his mindset in the fourth quarter when the Chargers offense had a lot of momentum:

“It was just get a stop. We would do good on first down, get them to second-and-long and then stop them on third down, and they go for it on fourth down, and we could not stop them. Definitely playing four-down football, and I think that is the thing is that we could not get off the field on fourth down.”


On how to regroup from a tough call by the officials and not allowing it to affect the next play:

“Watching the film, there were a lot of opportunities we left on the field from just running games the right way and making little tweaks here and there to really combat what they were doing. Of course, it would be easy to blame the refs, but I think it is us. We look in the mirror, and it is us missing opportunities and not doing the little things to get to the big reward, which is getting off the field.”


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