DT Larry Ogunjobi (9.30.20)

DT Larry Ogunjobi:

On the challenges facing Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott: 

“He has a lot of hidden yardage, a lot of yards after contact. A really downhill runner. He is a great overall back. When you hit him, you have to make sure he is down because he has the contact balance and he will bounce off tackles or remains balanced and keep running. When you hit him, you have to make sure he is on the ground.”


On Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and Prescott’s ability to run: 

“He kind of leads everything from the protection to the pocket to the checks to the audibles. He likes to take it into his own hands. He is a guy who the ball is always in his hands. He finds ways to get guys open downfield, knows his checks and knows his reads. He has the pocket work, too, so he knows how to win with his feet when he needs to, and when he needs to stay in the pocket and make his throws, he does that.”


On how important it is for the Browns DL to work with the DBs this week, given the Cowboys have the No. 1 passing offense: 

“As rushers, we have to effect No. 4. That is one of the keys. We have to collapse the pocket. We have to make him throw off rhythm. We really have to attack the football in order to help with the coverage. It works vice versa them covering the rushers. We have to play really good complementary football. We have to be on our keys, understand our checks and just play our style of football.”

On what he has seen from DE Myles Garrett this season and Garrett increasing his game to another level: 

“Just the player he is. I feel like as we have all gotten older, there is this level of understanding that you have of the game and understanding your ability of what you can do to make game-changing plays. I feel like he has really sunk into that role, and now he understands how big of a factor his is. I feel like that time off really gave him time to reflect and understand he is a difference maker, and whenever he wants to, he will be. He is doing that. He is making plays. I am not surprised at all. I expect that from him. He does that all the time.”

On if he and Garrett feed off of each other making big plays: 

“Definitely. I feel like we go off each other’s games. We look at each other, we know one of us has to make a play or any of us on the line has to make a play. We just look at each other and just know that we have to pull it together and really make a spark because we know it starts up front. I feel like all the guys in the room kind of have that mentality because me and Myles look at each other and we just know it is go time.”

On what he has picked up from DT Sheldon Richardson and how Richardson seems different this year:

“Just his level of focus. You can just tell that it really matters to him and He wants to be great and just his overall approach and how he does things. You just see that veteran savviness time and time again, and it just continues to show up on the field. Just playing at a really high level, and he is going to continue to do so.”

On if the Titans positive COVID-19 tests is a reminder that everyone has to continue to do the right things and if the coaches have stressed that shared responsibility:

“Yes, like we all talked before, we have a thing called shared responsibility. It is going to take all of us to handle things. You can’t get lax as we are just a beginning to get into the swing of the season and kind of get to the normal routine everything. You can’t forget that we are still going through a pandemic. There are still things that we have to take care. We still have to make sure we are testing. We still have to be on our stuff and be careful about the people that we surround ourselves with. It is that shared responsibility. It can happen just like that. It is an eye-opener just to see the Titans close their facilities until Saturday. That is a whole week of preparation. You do not want to be the team that is going through that, especially at the start. We just have to continue to make sure that we are all on the right page.”

On if he can tell if Garrett is excited to return to Texas:

“Yeah, that is where he is from so I know he is excited to play in his hometown and just go out there and ball. I know he is excited. He is excited for every game. I would not say it is different, but I just know how it feels to be playing in front of your hometown and you want to show out. I know he has that excitement.”

On his mindset being in a contract year and if there have been any developments on a future contract:

“I just take it one day at a time. The long-run goal of every season that I have been here is just to be the best player I can be, and that is what I continue to do. Things are coming very more clear as far as my game and how to progress. I am just excited. I do not really get caught up in all the other stuff right now. I let my agent handle that. Right now, I am just focused on being better each and every week. I have been seeing the fruits of my work so it is good.”

On if he would stay in Cleveland if it was his choice:

“Of course, this is my fourth year. I have been here. I know everybody so of course. I understand the nature of the business so like I said, all I am focused on is being the best I can be to help my team be the best it can be.”


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