DT Larry Ogunjobi (1.11.21)

DT Larry Ogunjobi:

On the impact Head Coach Kevin Stefanski has had on the team all season, including last night despite Stefanski not being at the game: 

“Like I always say, just his cool-headedness and just being able to keep everything in front of us, always never getting too high and never getting too low, staying focused on the task at hand and understanding that we have to go 1-0 each and every week. We just understood that we have been a team that has dealt with adversity a bunch of different times during the season. Being able to go out there and get the win yesterday was very important. We knew it was going to be different without him being there, but of course, we felt his presence. We got to FaceTime him after game. (Special teams coordinator) Coach (Mike) Priefer did an amazing job of handling the reins in his absence, but he was still there in spirit. We got the job done, and that is the most important thing.”

On his emotions after last night’s playoff win: 

“It was just very surreal. I am big on just being in the moment and just being in that moment. It was just a blessing. That is as a team that I have lost to quite a few times in my career as a Brown so being able to just be on the other side and to get that victory in their house and it be my first playoff victory was very special.”

On what gives him confidence that the Browns can compete against the best teams in the league, including at Kansas City this Sunday: 

“Just the resiliency and the fight. We do not really look at the predictions or whatever people have to say. It is just really us against the world, it kind of feels like. We are just about the work. We know that when you work hard, you put everything in the right perspective and you give it your all, you always give yourself a chance to put yourself in position to win. We like our chances as far as continuing to just grind, continuing to work and just continuing to focus on the task at hand and understanding that it is about us and what we do in preparation getting ready for this next challenge this week.”

On what was going through his mind during the first quarter during the team’s fast start: 

“I am always the guy that until the clock hits zero, I always try to just stay locked in and focused on what we have going on. You kind of start seeing that the ball starts rolling and it is a pick, a pick and everybody was getting picks, which is awesome though. Once again, when you are on the other side of it and for once you are seeing it and you are winning and things are moving in the right direction – the offense is clicking, the defense is clicking and special teams is going crazy – it is just good when you are playing very good complementary football and everybody if just firing on all cylinders.”

On Browns players like CB M.J. Stewart Jr. and DE Porter Gustin stepping up in big moments: 

“They just work. That is what the team is about is just working. Everybody has had this mentality of next man up, and it does not drop off. We had a blow to the defense when OV (DE Olivier Vernon) got hurt, but just guys being able to pick up where we left off and being able to kind of just keep it going. At the end of day, this is the playoffs. It is win or go home. You are playing for something bigger than yourself. The guys are ready, they are prepared and that is what they have been doing so I could not be more proud.”

On what the Browns defense was saying in the huddle when the Steelers made a comeback attempt in the third quarter:

“We have to finish. Like I said, I told the guys that the only moment that matters is this one. Do not wait until tomorrow to want to change what you did today. Guys just lock in and finish. We have everything we want in front of us. Just go out there and finish. That is what we did.”

On his favorite memory from last night:

“I would probably say when VT (DT Vincent Taylor) had tipped the ball and then (DE) Porter (Gustin) dove out and caught it. I just feel like that was a really cool moment for both of those guys. We talk about plays leading to other plays, and those are special. Just being with those in the room, they come to work each and every day. Especially Porter, he is one of those guys who be in the building until like 6:30 p.m. when we are allowed to be in just doing extra work and all of that stuff. I always like to see when that work pays off so I am really happy for the both of them.”

On comments that Head Coach Kevin Stefanski mentioned envisioning a tipped pass being interception in the team meeting on Saturday night:

“He said it. VT has those long arms. It just all worked out. Happy for him. Happy for the team. Just excited.”

On the biggest difference for the Browns now compared to his previous seasons with the team:

“I would just say the level of focus. Obviously, the players are different, but just the level of focus and how we approach each and every game. We are about the work. We are about what we have to do. Not getting too high and not getting too low, but just focusing on the task at hand and what we have to do. That is the biggest thing is just trying to go 1-0 each and every week. This is a week-by-week league. Nothing is ever given; it is earned. You have to earn it each and every Sunday. I feel like the guys understand that. No one is going to give it to us. Regardless of if you jump up on a team early in the first quarter, it is a full four-quarter game, plus if you go into overtime. You have to play until the clock hits 0:00. That is just the mentality of this team.”

On his contribution to the early fourth down stop by moving the line of scrimmage:

“I just wanted to get off the rock and try to find a way to make a play for the team and get us off the field. The biggest thing is just trying to find a way to get off the field on third down. Really just trying to spark the defense, and it was good to get a stop and just keep the momentum rolling in a positive direction.”

On how cool it was to have Browns fans greet the team when getting off of the plane early this moment:

“It was definitely cool. They were out there chanting, and I am like it is 3 am in the morning and it is cold. That just goes to show the love that the fans in Cleveland have and the dedication to the team they have – the best fans in the world. Just to be out there after a big win and still want to come and support given the current circumstances that we are all living in, but just to want to be out there – they had their masks on – but to be out there and supporting was very important. We appreciate them.”

On if Browns fans were chanting ‘Here we go Brownies’:

“For sure.”


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