DT Jordan Elliott (8.12.21)

On his decision to lose weight in the offseason:

“Honestly, just wanting to come in here a little lighter, feeling better, being able to run a little bit more and things like that. It was not anything out of the ordinary. Just coming in more fine tuned.”


On how much weight he lost and if there has been any drop off in his strength:

“I lost about 20 pounds. I am 285 right now. Yeah, there is going to be a little loss of strength with that, but it is coming back. Just staying in the weight room. That is about it.”


On how important it is for the interior DL to create pressure:

“It is big. I feel like with (DE) Myles (Garrett) and JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney), it makes it easier to generate that pressure and to get sacks up the middle. It is important. It is a system that everybody has to work together.”


On if it is important the DTs help the DEs and vice versa:

“Yeah, like you just said, we are working together, everybody helping each other out. Sometimes we might bring a sack to them. Sometimes they might bring it to us. At the end of the day, it is a system, and it all works together.”


On what he is learning from getting extra work after practice and in between series with Clowney and Garrett:

“Honestly, just to get better at pass rushing. That is something I feel like was my weakness and still is. Just getting better every week and every day. Just the little details of pass rushing, the art of it and how to do it effectively. That is what I am constantly talking to him about.”


On how hard it is to gain weight during training camp and his target weight:

“My target is around 297-300. I will just keep it at 300. I have about 10 more to go. My plan for it is just eating, honestly. I have to just eat – as simple as that (laughter). Just being consistent with that, staying in the weight room and putting on lean muscle.”


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