DT Andrew Billings (8.7.21)

DT Andrew Billings:

On how he is feeling physically:

“I am feeling good. Every day, I am getting better and better.”


On if it was a nerve-racking decision when determining whether to opt out last season:

“It was very nerve-racking. It was really nerve-wracking especially when it got down to the wire. Coming out here, I was a little nervous just about getting back on the field, and I was nervous about putting on the pads. So far so good. I am back in the groove.”


On how long it took to get back in the groove:

“Not long actually (laughter). Just a couple of days really. Taking that offseason to get in shape really helped, too.”


On defensive line coach Chris Kiffin saying he is the strongest man he has ever seen and if he feels that he is one of the strongest players in the league:

“Yeah, that is what I work for. That is really from high school to now, yeah.”


On if he and DT Tommy Togiai talk about the strength needed to play DT:

“Not really. It is understood out here. Tommy knows what to do. He came from Ohio State. He is a strong guy. It is not really talked about because it is just done.”


On if there was a bench press competition to see who is the strongest man:

“No, all the energy was saved for camp.”

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