Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (11.24.19)

Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick:

On whether or not he had a happy birthday:

“I mean I wish we would have one the game, but at this point, we’re about to fly back and I get to see my family. So, it’ll be a good day.”


On the run game:

“That’s a good question. It’s something that we need to continue to try and figure out. Obviously, today, we had a couple three-and-outs, and I think we had a six play drive. I mean, we really didn’t play well, but I thought at the end of the half after getting a field goal, we came out with a bit of momentum and got a touchdown. We felt a little bit better about it. We didn’t make plays. I just have to continue to do a better job of just getting the ball in our playmakers hands.”


On maneuvering through the pass rush:

“It’s one series at a time. We’re just trying to chip away at the lead a little bit. We had some personnel issues with two receivers going down. We were just trying to get guys situated in the right places. I thought we had some challenges in the second half, and not just with the score. Guys stepped up and did a nice job of getting in the right spots and doing the right thing. Overall, I think we need more consistency, and that has to start with me at the quarterback position.”


On the Dolphins’ scoring drive:

“It’s hard to get in the end zone in this league. So when you get in there, you have to celebrate. You have to enjoy it. It’s just one of those things. It was a third-down. We knew we needed that one to try and claw back into the game. That was a big moment for us. We thought we could rally back from that point on. It just didn’t happen that way.”


On the importance of continuity:

Continuity is a big thing. I think we had talked about that when we started playing better after that first bit of the year. It was all about familiarity and continuity. When we’re plugging and playing guys, we have to make sure everyone is on the same page. With guys like (WR) DeVante (Parker), I have to do a better job of getting him the ball more. (WR) Allen (Hurns) did some nice things today. (WR) Albert (Wilson) did some nice things today. I just need to continue to work with those guys, lean on them and get better.”


On his 200th touchdown pass:

“It’s pretty cool. I remember when I was in Tennessee and I threw my 100th touchdown pass to Chris Johnson. I remember just how crazy that was for me to think about…the accomplishment, everything that I had been through and the teams I had been on. We lost the game today and all of that, but it’s still a cool moment for me. It’s a cool moment for me to share with my parents, kids and wife. It’s a neat thing. When I’m done playing, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more.”


On what he plays for:

“I think everybody is different. Everybody’s ‘why’ is different, and have to figure it out, especially in trying times. That for me, over the years has changed from trying to prove that I belong to trying to lead a football team. There are also other reasons why I play. Every guy is different. I’m just going to continue to go out there and try to put as much energy as I can into it and enjoy the ride. I enjoy playing this game.  It gets hard when you lose and put so much into it and have a day like today or a day like last week, I don’t know any other way than just giving everything that I have to this team and this game.”


On his ‘why’:

“I’ve got a few different ‘whys,’ but I’ve got two boys at home that watch everything I do.  That’s a big one for me. And, again, I just have passion and love for the game. I love being out there. I love going out there and seeing my teammates succeed. Those are a few of mine.”


On what he wants his boys to see from his career:

“I just want them to enjoy watching me play. I don’t tell them anything about the things that I do. Who I am on that football field, I just want that to rub off on them.”


On the rookie RBs:

“(RB) Patrick (Laird) stepped up this week and had some more good things last week. I thought he did a nice job. (RB) Myles (Gaskin) did the same thing. During the last few weeks he’s gotten some more snaps. I think sometimes it’s hard to tell until they get thrown in there. Both of those guys have been working extremely hard in practice. I’m always excited to see what the young guys can do.”


On Dolphins TE Mike Gesicki’s first career touchdown:

“I mean that’s huge. That’s a neat moment. In all of the talk about number 200 for me, that’s number one for him. That’s a pretty neat moment to be a part of. He’s worked really hard this whole year. He’s a guy that certainly deserves it. That’s going to be one of hopefully a lot more to come. I’m really close with Mike, and that was a good moment for him.”


On if his kid’s realize football is a team sport:

“They’re upset when we lose, and they’re mad at me. I don’t need to explain that stuff to them. I want to show them that on every single play, whether we’re up by 28 or down by 28, I’m going to give everything that I have. I’m going to continue to try and put the team in the best position to win. I’m hoping that that rubs off on them a little bit whether it’s in football or just life.”


On what he’s taught the younger players:

“You’d have to ask them. I got a lot of comments and jabs about being 37 today, but I just ask most of them, ‘Where do you think you’re going to be when you’re 37?’ It’s cool for me to experience this with all of the young guys.”


On if he’s surprised at the length of his career:

“Not really. I feel great, and I still love playing.”


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