DL coach Chris Kiffin (7.31.21)

On having several new additions on the Browns DL and if that is good or bad:

“We will find out (laughter). This league is always changing. The final 53 is not even the final 53. From year to year, there are a lot of new bodies. We added a lot of good players to the room. We lost some good players, and we added some good players. Right now, it is about this team and this unit getting better as we go here through training camp and getting these pieces to learn how to work together.”


On first impressions of DE Jadeveon Clowney’s health and performance:

“All I know from Jadeveon is what I have seen in our mandatory minicamp and our first week, and he looks awesome. He looks healthy. He is in good spirits. He is attentive in meetings. Everything we have asked of him so far, he has done. I think he is very motivated and very excited. He has already said it, he feels really comfortable here around the locker room, the coaches and all of that. He is in a great spot, and we are excited to have him.”


On the type of season DE Myles Garrett was on track to have before contracting COVID-19:

“Obviously, a dominant one, and I do think he had a dominant season. Obviously, there was a little bit of an effect coming back with his health, wind and stuff like that. I think he has put it out there the type of player he can be – a Defensive Player of the Year type of player. He is hungry to get better, and I am trying to help him get better. I am pointing out every area of last year where maybe he could have made a play here and there. He asks me the difference between plays that (LA Rams DT) Aaron Donald makes and plays (Steelers OLB) T.J. Watt makes, and we just play them out as we are watching them. I know he is hungry, motivated and ready to get going.”


On if Garrett is on the verge of putting together a Defensive Player of the Year type season, especially with the Browns players alongside him:

“You make a great point, you add talent around him – not just up front but in the back end and at all positions – that is going to help him obviously. With him, you would not think that he would come back bigger, stronger and faster, but he does. He surprises us every time. When I first saw him come back here last week, I was like, ‘Holy cow.’ It is amazing. He is one of the best athletes in the world, and he is constantly getting better as a football player every year and every day. Super excited to see what he does this year.”


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