Defensive Line Coach Chris Kiffin (9.16.22)


On how much the Browns DL works on batting down passes at the line of scrimmage, given the production last week:

“I think first of all, I learned as a young coach how important batted passes and how critical they are to the defense. Really, it is a dead play for the offense so it is a critical thing. We rep it. We rep it on the sled. We try to match the hand when the hand comes off and you are stuck in the rush. Just something that we constantly preach. Really, the guys did a great job. JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney) has always had a knack for that – the first play of the game. (DE) Alex Wright was really good to see him do it. Then (DT) Perrion (Winfrey) pushing the guard back and got one. It affects the game, and we will continue to harp that regardless of what type of quarterback we are playing. We are always trying to bat balls down.”


On if the approach to batting balls down at the line differs based on QB style:

“For sure. It was emphasized last week probably a little more than normal, but we are always going to try to match the hand, tip an overthrow. I think back to (former Steelers QB Ben) Roethlisberger in the playoff game, (former Browns and Falcons DT) Vincent Taylor gets one up and (former Browns and Dolphins DE) Porter (Gustin) intercepts it. We always think that is critical.”


On the significance of Clowney batting down a pass at the line of scrimmage on the first play of the game:

“Obviously, first play of the game, that is big to start off that way. Again, you never know when it is going to come. It just so happened to be the first play of the game for him. A lot of energy first time out and first game of the year. Obviously, to start that way is exciting.”


On evaluating the film about how Wright and Winfrey performed last week:

“I thought Alex did really well. I said it before, a kid coming from UAB who has not played a ton of football, a young guy, his first preseason game at Jacksonville and he was kind of a deer in the headlights. He has worked his way through that. The stage was not too big for him. He went out there. He performed. He does what he does best. He pushed the pocket. He runs. He fits it up. Very pleased with him. Perrion, he got limited snaps. He actually got a trap on the second play of his NFL career so of course he got knocked out, and he was not ready for that. It was good to get him in there early, and it was a low volume game overall so he did not get as many reps.”


On having versatile DL who can move along the DL like DE Myles Garrett:

“It is two different things. One, we moved him inside and moved (DT) Taven (Bryan) outside. Taven gives us the ability to do that, an athletic three-technique who really looks good when he is on the edge and push the pocket. Obviously, we can personnel it and bring in Alex and (DE Chase) Winovich and move Myles inside. That is something we have always done in the past with our ‘Cheetah’ group. Again, Myles, we want to isolate him whenever we can matchup-wise when we are expecting chips and when we are expecting the center to work away from him. We always want to take advantage of those situations so we are going to move Myles around to give us the best chance to allow him to win.”


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