Defensive Line Coach Chris Kiffin (12.9.22)


On how the Bengals may make adjustments this week to counter the Browns’ success in pressuring Bengals QB Joe Burrow in recent matchups:

“I don’t know. I think our last game was probably our best against him as far as that area goes so we will see what adjustments they make this Sunday. Coming out of their building, I think they have said some things about trying to give (DE) Myles (Garrett) more attention or whatnot. We will see what they decide to do. Like we said, Myles throughout these games against them has really rose up to the occasion and played his best ball. It is going to take all of the guys this week. I know they will make adjustments. They are fully healthy now. They have their full attack on offense. We have our work cut out for us.”


On if the Bengals chip or double team Garrett as much as other opponents:

“They have not in the past as much as others do, no, but they will use some jailbreak screens and stuff like that to get us off beat. No, not as much as others do.”


On Burrow’s performance in recent weeks:

“Really good. What is he, 3-0 against Kansas City I think that the stat is? Just watched him in the last game. I have always been fond of Joe Burrow. I think he is an amazing quarterback, especially at such a young age to play as he has. He is getting the ball out. They have only given up four sacks since we last played them. They are doing a good job, and he makes the show go far.”


On determining when Garrett and DE Jadeveon Clowney flip sides on plays:

“There is a lot about it. Through the years, we have tried to work through those things. We like our matchups. During games, you want to give guys a chance to get a feel and get in the rhythm of the game on the side they are on, things like that. We have always said Myles knows or he I think has told you guys he is most comfortable on the right. That is where he wants to be. Going back to the Tampa Bay game, I think it was one of the last plays of the game, their right tackle (Buccaneers T Tristan Wirfs) got hurt, and we asked him, we said, ‘Do you want to go on the left?’ He is like, ‘No, I want to stay on the right,’ and he got a big sack that ended the game the next play. It is things like that. We are always looking for matchups to move him around. Last Sunday, we played them both inside some and gave them opportunities against their guards. Whatever matchups we like, we will try to exploit those.”


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