Defensive Line Coach Chris Kiffin (10.29.22)


On DE Myles Garrett fighting through injuries in recent weeks:

“The last couple of weeks, we have seen him gradually getting back to himself. I think his first game back was really hard for him to use any power at all. He was really down a little bit. To see him come back and really use power to get a sack two weeks ago and then last week his sack on the left side was power, too, he is starting to feel better with his shoulder.”


On the Browns DL having one of its best performances of the season last week:

“Appreciate you pointing that out. I thought they played well, as well. Assignment sound. Played hard. I think the effort has been there all season. I think getting the guys in the right places and getting the guys back healthy. We had (DT) Taven (Bryan) out there for a couple of weeks. They are hungry. They are out there trying. They are working. It is just a gameplan where it is simple as far as the rules where we can just go out and execute, assignment sound and understand that they do present problems with the rules – the Ravens did. We just followed our rules and guys played hard, and it paid off for them.”


On the performance of young Browns DL:

“They are all different. To be playing as much time as they are, all three rookies, especially now (DE) Isaiah (Thomas) starting to get in the mix as our fourth end. I think (DE) Alex (Wright) is probably the furthest along of the three. Again, with injuries earlier – Myles and (DE) Jadeveon (Clowney) – for Alex to be sprung into action so early and to have so many reps at this point in a young rookie season, I think he is doing really well and coming along good. I think (DT) Perrion (Winfrey), the same thing. He loves that he is working. I think the progress is there and needs to show up more in games. I have seen it in practice. He is getting better on one-on-one pass rush. We just find a way to get it to carry over in games. Isaiah, he is a guy who the stage is not too big. We just throw him in, he goes out and executes and makes a bunch of plays. Last week, he had a big PBU. He had a couple of tackles. He had a couple of long-arm rushes on (Ravens T) Ronnie Stanley. Really pleased with how Isaiah is coming along, too.”


On the message to the Browns DL this week against Bengals QB Joe Burrow, understanding there may not be opportunities for as many sacks given Burrow’s quick release and mobility:

“That is a tough one to put a finger on because they are No. 1 in the NFL in giving up sacks with also the ball coming out quick, a lot of it with their empty and things like that. He is a very capable athlete to scramble. We have had to deal with that in the past where he has got us a couple of times. The gameplan, we are going to cut the guys free to rush him, but aware No. 1, he can scramble; and No. 2, we have to get our hands up when the ball is coming out. Mixing up our coverages, and hopefully, he will bat the ball a couple of times and then we will get home, too.”


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