Defensive line coach Chris Kiffin (10.15.21)

On if DE Myles Garrett’s leg injuries are impacting production during games:

“No, I have not seen any hiccup in Myles’ game at all.”


On what it shows by Garrett fighting through an injury that has held him out for a few practices to play in games:

“I think everybody is feeling stuff at this point in the season. Going on Week 6, the way he plays and the amount of plays he has been playing for us this season, it does not surprise me that he is feeling that way a little bit. Take care of him during the week and a full go on Sunday.”


On the point of emphasis for the Browns DL when preparing for Cardinals QB Kyler Murray:

“Really to have relentless effort, to trap him and to level rush. There are a bunch of different way you have to talk about how to get him, but we watched 85 career sacks he has had. They come in a bunch of different ways, but the common theme is great effort. He is going to run all over the field. He is going to extend plays for some of the longest plays we will have to play all year long, but it is four guys rushing one or if we bring five or bring six, it is a unit working together and trapping.”


On DT Malik Jackson:

“Yeah Malik is a warrior. I love going to war with him every Sunday. He is kind of the glue that holds this group together. A veteran voice in the room. A guy who has been through it all and seen it from all angles. He has been awesome to have. I know he is not happy with the production he is having as far as sacks go and whatnot, but he has been a big time impact for us, playing a lot of plays so we just have to keep him rolling and keep him healthy, and he is playing well.”


On if he envisioned the type of impact DT Malik McDowell is having when he first arrived in camp:

“I do not know if I ever let my mind go there just because there is such a process of getting him back in to football. You knew what you had as far as size and all that when he walked through the door and then just to see the progression, I saw somewhere he said yesterday that he has had his best couple weeks of practices, and that is true. He is getting better – his technique, his effort and everything. We will continue to see. Nothing really amazes me with him because he just keeps impressing every week.”