Defensive coordinator Joe Woods (9.30.21)

On what the Browns defense can do as an encore to last week’s performance:



On if the Vikings present the biggest challenge to the Browns run defense to date:

“Yes, you can see they are very good at what they do. They have a variety of runs and different ways to try to attack you. We are going to have to be very good up front and be discipline in our gaps. You see (Vikings RB) Dalvin Cook, he has to be one of the best backs in the league. We are definitely going to have our hands full with him.”


On why Vikings QB Kirk Cousins has been so efficient this season:

“He has played a long time in this league. You can see it when you are watching him on tape. He does a great job of understanding what the defense is and then going through his progressions. He does not make a lot of mistakes. If it is not open, he will check the ball down. Right now, he is doing a great job for them in terms of operating that offense.”


On if he is still learning about CB Greedy Williams, who is slated to start at CB for the first game during his time as defensive coordinator:

“A little bit. I have seen enough of him in practice just to know what he is capable of doing. He is athletic. He has length. He is able to be aggressive for us in terms of playing man coverage. It is more really the physical aspect of it, just coming off of the shoulder [injury]. I think he is confident. When we stepped in the game, he made a couple of plays so he will be ready to go.”


On how well CB Greg Newsome II was playing before the calf injury and the benefit of having depth at CB with Williams:

“Greg was doing a great job for us. As a young guy coming in, very confident, very smart and picked up the system. We moved him around and played him outside and inside, and he was up for it. Towards the end there, he was going against (WR) Odell (Beckham Jr.) a few times so I think that helped him, as well. Greedy is very capable. He will be able to step in. We have some other players so we can stay versatile on defense. I think everything will move smoothly.”


On if he can make the attacking style used against the Bears the signature of the Browns defense going forward:

“Really, early in the game, the same exact calls and the same exact protection we had against Houston, it was the same stuff. I just think we did a better job in terms of executing and then we got them behind the chains so we had some more things we could get to. We were in some more pressure, gave them some different looks and the guys executed. I have to give them all of the credit.”


On Browns players seeming to push for more of the attacking style of defense:

“It is always in. It is just a matter of how the game is going and how the guys are executing. Again, I just give credit to the players and the coaches. I thought we put together a good plan for Chicago, and came out with the win and did a great job.”


On if the type of pass rush displayed on Sunday is what the Browns envisioned when acquiring DE Jadeveon Clowney, DT Malik Jackson and DE Takk McKinley to join DE Myles Garrett:

“Yes. It is all about to me rush and coverage. When you have guys in the back end who can get tight and play man coverage and you have guys in front that can rush and where you can four and if you need to bring pressure, bring pressure; but when you have that combination, you can do a lot of things defensively.”


On if it was unusual that the defense was so dominant in yards allowed and sacks despite no turnovers:

“We looked at the game, and I know there are two or three calls I wish I could have back, and there are a couple of things that we did not execute well. A lot of stuff we did, but there were a few things we had to clean up. At the end of the game, I had no idea [about the defensive yards allowed]. I looked up at the scoreboard and I said, ‘What is that?’ I did not know anything until I went in the locker room and somebody said something to me. We pride ourselves on wanting to take away the football, and we have not really gotten that done the first three weeks so we have to get better in that area.”


On Garrett’s comments last week about other players not taking advantage of the double or triple teams faced:

“I really did not hear that. I know somebody said that, but I never really heard that. I look at Myles as the leader of our defense. I think he is a guy in the locker who everybody respects. If that is something that he was upset about or something that he said, I am sure the guys listened. They all did their job. I think we were cleaner. Our whole procedure during the week or the whole process, I think guys understood things a little bit better and they executed better on gameday.”


On if he was in the meeting room when the team and D line clapped for McKinley when returning from the absence due to personal reasons:

“I was not, but he is one of our brother. The D line room, they are very close. I know he may be going through some struggles or he may have had been going through some struggles, and those guys are always there to support him. Right now, he is doing a good job. I think he is getting comfortable. He is playing well for us. We are going to continue to do more things just to create some one on ones and utilize him in coverage, as well.”


On the support McKinley received and if it stems from the entire Browns organization:

“It is a family atmosphere. I think it starts from the top from the ownership to the whole way down through the building. That was the one thing when I got here that you could see right away. You feel very comfortable. You feel like you are part of a family. That just passes down to our players. I know we try to build relationships with all of our players, and I think that is what Takk was really talking about.”


On if he has established that he cares about Browns players off of the field:

“Yeah, you want to know what is going on in each player’s life. You have those moments on the field when you have that one on one and just ask them how their family is doing or what is going on in their life. You want to be able to help them. There are a lot of things and a lot of stress with players off the field, and you do not know where it is coming from. You just want to be there as an ear for them to lean on or to talk to and help them any way you can.”


On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah positive grades and if that is showing up on film:

“Yes. We are trying to keep the menu light, not only for him but for everybody because we want to put a premium on execution. His athleticism is showing up on the field, not only in the run game but in space, whether he is in zone coverage or man coverage. He can beat guys one on one when we blitz him. It is nice to have him. We are going to continue to use him in different ways.”


On using different defensive personnel, specifically in the dime set:

“We have been like that going back to last year. With different personnel packages, we try to get different guys in the game, and at the same time, keep the guys fresh. They are playing defense, and they are playing on special teams. We feel comfortable with the rotation, but we are going to try to get guys out there in the right package to take advantage of their skillsets.”


On when the Browns expect LB Sione Takitaki to return:

“We are going to see. He is day to day so hopefully, we do get him back.”


On when the Browns can potentially add more to Owusu-Koramoah’s plate:

“It is week to week. We can do stuff with him in base. There are multiple packages we can create for him, but there is only so much he can handle because when you get on the field, you have a certain number of reps. If you are giving him a lot of stuff to do, how many times can you rep it for him to be comfortable doing it? That is with our defense in general. We get up and there are a lot of things we draw up on the board, but you want enough to affect the offense on gameday but not so much to where you can’t execute it.”


On if Owusu-Koramoah needs more growth as a player before adding more to the role:

“Yeah, and that is going to come through experience. It is his third game. The more experience he gets and the more things he can handle, we will add some stuff.”


On what he told Garett he did wrong after recording 4.5 sacks:

“He missed a couple (laughter).”


On if Garrett did miss a couple sacks:

“He did. He was in there. He played a great game. Myles is a great player. I think he is a great example for all of the guys on our team of if you see somebody out here working hard in practice, and you see that translate to what he did on Sunday on the field. Hopefully, all of the guys step up and follow his lead, and we continue to get some sacks.”


On Clowney’s performance against the Bears, in addition to Garrett’s 4.5 sacks:

“It was good. We have to rush together as a unit. Sometimes a guy might be the sacrificial lamb, but on the next call, maybe it is for him. As long as they work together, I think they are going to create opportunities, but it was really good to see him get some sacks, as well.”


On having to pick and choose where to turn the Browns defense’s his attention between the Vikings run game and pass attack, given the Vikings offensive personnel:

“That is always the situation. They want to get you down there where you load the box and take advantage of you one on one. We will have to have a good mix of what we do coverage wise.”


On if the Vikings WR duo of Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen is one of the best the Browns have seen:

“Yes. Absolutely.”


On the Browns defense’s performance last week can build confidence or a spark:

“I am really more concerned about the process because if the process is right, then you will get the results. Now, the results might not be the same as they were last week – that is something that is really unusual – but as long as we go into the game and we play our best ball, we give ourselves a chance to win. I feel like based on last week, I think the players understand that.”


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