Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods (12.21.22)


On if DE Myles Garrett returned to the CrossCountry Mortgage Campus after missing yesterday’s practice due to illness:

“I think he came in earlier. I think he will be fine.”


On how the Saints use Saints TE Taysom Hill in their offense:

“He is one of the most unique players in the league. They do a good job of using him. They are really running multiple offenses where if he is on the field he can play a lot of different positions. It is definitely a challenge, but I think we are putting together a good plan.”


On Garrett’s comments in support of the Browns defensive scheme, play calls and him:

“It means a lot. He is definitely the leader of our defense. I really had no idea honestly that happened. We always just try to put our playmakers and put guys on defense in position to have success. I felt like we have done that better lately, but definitely hear him say that makes me feel confident in what we are doing.”


On S John Johnson III having one of the best individual performances of the season last week prior to sustaining a thigh injury and if the Browns did anything differently schematically with Johnson against the Ravens:

“No, just he had a good game. He has played well. We call him ‘the eraser’ so a lot of plays he makes, he is like the last line of defense. He was very active. I think that fumble he forced was the last play that he played that game. He is really doing a great job, and he is really the leader of the back end.”


On if the Browns expect Johnson to play this week:

“I do. We will see. We will take it day to day, but I do.”


On how the Browns LBs played last week against the Ravens, including with multiple players in new roles or taking more snaps:

“They did a nice job. It was interesting at times. We knew going into the game they had so much scheme there were going to be a few things that we would see that wasn’t on tape that we had to adjust to. They did. They pulled out some new stuff. A lot of the stuff involved the linebackers in terms of fits or in terms of making adjustments with the front. I think once we figured it out to a degree, they did a nice job.”


On the significance of creating takeaways against the Ravens last week:

“It was good. We definitely needed it. It always changes the game. I think we got them back to back. (CB) Denzel (Ward) almost had one later in the game, too. Definitely, we preach takeaways. We know it really changes the game because we are either scoring it or getting it back for our offense. To see that happen to those two guys was exciting.”


On if the Browns have created more takeaways in recent weeks due to a change in the approach during the practice week or if it is more of the result of the ball bouncing the team’s way:

“I feel like we have been consistent, but I have definitely talked about it more. I always do a presentation every meeting, and we always talk about our rip attempts or opportunities we had in practice. I want to make it feel game-like to them. I think the more confidence they play with, the better technique you play with and the rush and coverages working together, that is when the takeaways come. Like I said, we have gotten some the last couple of weeks.”


On if he was surprised the Ravens did not run the ball more last week after having success in the running game:

“I felt like they ran it 50 to be honest with you (laughter). No, I think they were mixing it up a little bit. They had some success with some of the stuff that they game planned against us, and we were trying to adjust. I think after one of the big runs and the series we had some big runs, they went back and threw the one pass, and that is when we got the takeaway with John. Like I said, I felt like they were running a lot. We just had I think about five plays where we gave up 100 yards.”


On if the Browns defense’s performance in recent weeks despite multiple players missing time due to injury is a testament to the unit:

“I really give credit to the coaches and give credit to the players. We have had a lot of guys go down, especially at the linebacker position. They are not waiting for us. You have to get ready. It seems like the weeks get shorter when those things happen or those type of things start to happen, but I really feel like the players have done a good job working with the coaches and spending extra time after the meetings reviewing practice and going over the gameplan. I feel like once those guys get to gameday, they feel comfortable. I think the new guys or the guys we have playing more have done a nice job because of all of those things.”


On Saints RB Alvin Kamara:

“He is a unique player in his own right just because he is a very good runner but you can see they put him in different places. When he gets out on routes, he is hard to deal with. You have to have a plan just because of what he is able to do in the passing game against him. The run game, there is obviously coverage pressure, but when he gets out in the pass game, you better have a couple of different ways to try to cover him.”


On if Kamara’s skillset is comparable to 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey in a lot of ways:

“Yes. Yes.”


On the Browns defense seeming to perform at its best with the Ss play well and if S performance is the key to the defensive scheme:

“You need all 11 to be honest with you, but I believe it starts up front because it is your ability to stop the run game and your ability to rush the passer. At the end of the day, it all works together. If you are at the back end at the safety position – as I mentioned earlier, you are the eraser – if something breaks through, you have to get it down or it is a touchdown or if it is a long pass. Those guys have done a nice job. (S) Grant (Delpit) has gotten better all year. John has been consistent. I feel it takes all 11.”


On Saints WR Chris Olave:

“Talent. Speed. They are targeting him at a high rate. He is making plays. You knew that. When you are watching the draft, you are always aware of the receivers coming out so I knew he was coming out. He is very talented, especially for a rookie playing. He has the speed. He has the route-running ability. He can make the tough catches. We are going to have to deal with him.”


On Saints WR Jarvis Landry:

“Jarvis knows us. We know Jarvis. He has always been a tough receiver. He is more of a guy who you see him move the chains. They put him in route concepts where he can get some one on ones, and he has always been tough to tackle. He is still making plays. You see him on tape because we are looking at him in a different jersey. We are fully aware of what he is capable of doing, and we feel like we know how they are going to use him.”


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