Defensive coordinator Joe Woods (11.26.21)

On how to create a gameplan to try and contain Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, who is dangerous in the running game and passing game:

“It is really about responsibility. Everybody has to execute their job. There are a lot of things they do just in terms of misdirection, but the main thing with their offense is they really play with 11 because the quarterback runs it so you have to play with 11. There are a couple things we can do, but we are going to have to use all of them to slow him down.”


On if the Browns run defense against the Lions faced the same challenges as against the Patriots and how the Ravens will challenge the unit:

“We knew they were going to run the ball. They changed with coach (Lions Head) Coach (Dan) Campbell when he took over, and they are committed more to the run. They were committed more to the run. The long run on third down, it kind of hurt us. You take that run out and then it is kind of normal based on what they were doing, but it still comes down to just gap control. We had some missed tackles in the open field. Guys just have to do a better job in space of getting guys on the ground.”


On how Jackson has grown since entering the NFL:

“I remember when (former Ravens and NY Jets QB Joe) Flacco was there – we played against them when I was in Denver – and [Jackson] was only coming in on a few snaps, but you could see he was different. I think with each year, definitely with that system, they are going not tailor it to what he does best. I think he has thrown the ball a lot better probably than he was earlier in his career so I think overall with the run game and what they are doing in the pass game makes it very difficult to defend him.”


On the Ravens’ ability to perform well in the second half and the team’s comeback wins this year:

“A combination of what they do in the run game and the play action puts a lot of stress on you in coverage, just guys trying to get to their fit and then now you have something behind you. When they get in the fourth quarter and open it up, he (Jackson) is doing a good job just in terms of throwing the ball. They have weapons all over the field at the wide receiver position and at the tight end position. You can see those things come alive in those situations where they are coming back.”


On how to prepare in practice for the Ravens’ ability to come from behind:

“I just think that is a weekly thing. I do not think that is anything unique to Baltimore. Any game that we have played and we jumped out to a lead, teams come back. I think it is really just relying on what is you gameplan and guys just executing. You just do not want to put more pressure on yourself. Go out and execute your coverage. The situation does not matter. Just do the same thing that put you in the position to have that lead.”


On the Dolphins having success against thew Ravens playing Cover 0 and bringing pressure and if that makes the Browns consider adjusting their gameplan:

“Not really. I think whether you are on offense or defense, it is a copycat league so whatever you see that is effective against somebody, you try to put it in your gameplan if it fits. We are going to stick with our gameplan. We have things like that. We are definitely not trying to be Miami, but we will have some different changeups.”


On how much Cover 0 the Browns defense has run this year:

“Overall, probably around 10 snaps or a little less than 10. It is more situational when we call it. It may not look like [Cover] 0, but we are in [Cover] 0.”


On the danger of surrendering a long TD if the opposing offense gets behind Cover 0:

“Yeah, but if you call man coverage, it is the same thing. We are not afraid of it. We just try to use it in a timely manner.”


On if the Browns expect CB Troy Hill to be available on Sunday:

“Yes. We have to continue to watch him these next two days, but I anticipate that he will be available to us.”


On DE Myles Garrett dropping into coverage on a handful of plays this season:

“I always talk to those guys about that. It is about the mix. If they want to take all of their coverage and all of their protection to him, then we will come off of the other side, and we will make them make a decision. You have to do that every now and then, but that is less than one time a game based on where we are, just to make them play honest.:”


On Ravens TE Mark Andrews’ strengths:

“He can do it all. Really just his ability to catch the ball. He is big. He can run. He is athletic. You can see it all over the field. When in doubt, he is going to get the ball. He is tough to defend, but I feel like we have guys who can match up against him just because of the size.”


On S Grant Delpit’s development throughout the season:

“Grant is definitely getting better. A lot of this stuff for this year for him is we are kind of finding out about him every game. We did not have that opportunity last year so there are things that we try to fix that we see that show up on tape, but I think he is progressing well, and he is fitting into the system the way I thought he would.”


On if the Browns have been able to use a three-safety big-dime formation as much as desired:

“Yes. Some of the teams… Last week on third down with Detroit, I think there were five runs, two screens and two quick [throws] on 11 [plays] so 9 out of 11 plays, they were not really going to let us kind of affect them so you play a little more coverage and protect yourself against the run. Yeah, I have used it as much as I thought I was going to.”


On S Ronnie Harrison Jr. not starting last week due to disciplinary reasons, Harrison’s past week and if Harrison learned from the situation:

“Everybody, you get a little chippy as you go through the season – it is a long season – but we have to do things the right way. It was a disciplinary situation that (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) handled internally. Ronnie is fine. He came out and has had a great week of practice to this point so I do not think there will be any effects from what happened.”


On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s and ‘what percentage’ of Owusu-Koramoah the team will have on Sunday:

“He is better. He is running around. He is fighting through it. We will definitely have him for the game. Is he a whole way 100 percent? Probably not, but him at 90-95 percent is pretty good.”


On if the Browns expect DE Takkarist McKinley to be available on Sunday:

“It is looking that way.”


On what McKinley brings to the Browns defense as a third edge rusher:

“Just explosive. He gives us versatility. We can move guys around. He can play outside or inside. Just the athleticism he brings would definitely be bonus against these guys.”


On CB Denzel Ward’s performance this season, especially in the past few weeks:

“You can see what he is capable of doing. Denzel, for me, has the length, size, speed and quickness that you look for in a No. 1 corner, but you can’t press and try to make plays. I think earlier in the season, he was trying to do that or his technique or his eye discipline was not there. I think now he is starting to settle down, and you are seeing him make some impactful plays in games.”


On why Ward was potentially pressing to make more plays earlier in the season:

“Just wanting to be a playmaker for us. We have playmakers at all three levels of our defense. You just have to do your job and make the plays you are supposed to make. When they come your way, if you play proper technique, then you will make those plays.”


On CB Greg Newsome II playing both inside and outside CB last week with Hill unavailable:

“He is doing a great job. We trained him from the first time he got here from the offseason on of just being a versatile corner. We had visions of him playing either inside nickel or if we want to put four corners on the field, go with our quarter package. He has done a nice job. I think it was big for him just in terms of a confidence booster playing inside last week and doing a nice job.”  


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