DE Takk McKinley (9.30.21)

On how he has played thus far:

“I think there is room for improvement always. Whenever I get the opportunities, go out there and I have to make the count. There is always room for improvement.”


On if he had a lot of rust to knock off as the regular season started:

“Yes. Last year, I pretty much missed the whole season due to an injury and in training camp, but I adapt pretty fast. Things have been well. I have been in communication with the coaches, the playbook and all of that. There is no issue there.”


On how the Browns defense can build on last week’s performance against the Bears:

“That was last week and focus on this week. We have a new opponent. We have to put the work in. Last week, we put the work in. This week, it started yesterday and just keep on building.”


On DE Myles Garrett’s 4.5 sacks last week:

“It is awesome because he put in that work. As a D lineman, to see one of your fellow D linemen have one of those days, you just root for him. Once you are in that zone, you can’t be blocked. Every D lineman knows that feeling. When you are in that zone, it is the greatest feeling ever. It was awesome to see him get all of those sacks.”


On if the aggression the Browns defense played with last week can be a blueprint for the season:

“Yes, it just starts with out there on the field. We have a lot of new guys on this team, including me. It is just going to take time for us to all gel together and get things going. Like I said, it starts at practice. It starts at meetings and wanting to put in the work and wanting to have those type of games so we can all eat.”


On his time away from the Browns:

“I would rather not talk about it if that is OK.”


On if it was difficult to come back after taking time away from the practice facility:

“No, the Cleveland Browns are a great organization. I was in contact with Mr. (Executive Vice President of Football Operation and General Manager Andrew) Berry, Coach Ski (Head Coach Kevin Stefanski) and my teammates reaching out to me. Everything was good, but I would just rather not get too deep into that personal matter. Like I said, this is a great organization. I love Mr. Berry. I love Coach Ski. I love the Cleveland Browns organization.”


On the Browns giving him time away before returning to the team:

“Just the support means everything. The NFL is really not like that. To have the support from the owner, the GM, the head coach and my teammates, it was just great. I am glad to be a Brown and continue to focus and get ready for Minnesota.”