DE Olivier Vernon (11.22.20)

DE Olivier Vernon:

On stepping up in DE Myles Garrett’s place and recording three sacks and a safety: 

“We all missed Myles. We wish he could have been out here playing. At the end of the day, everybody played as a team, made the stops when we had to and made the big plays when we had to. I am glad we are sitting at 7-3 right now.”

On if he has had a game this good in his career before: 

“Yeah, there are some highlights that I have had. At the end of the day, all I kept thinking was ‘Please just win this game.’ It really does not matter what you do inside the lines if you do not win. It was big that we got a big win, a big W against a good opponent. We are just trying to get it on a roll.”

On if he was thinking ‘safety all the way’ on his sack in the end zone and what he saw as the play unfolded: 

“Basically, we had a couple of good stops right before it happened and then ended up just making a play. We thought they were going to come with the gameplan trying to run it out of there. We did not think they were going to and pass, especially with the conditions that were going on with the weather. It just ended up going our way.”

On if he had any conversations with Garrett about the Browns defense making plays in his absence: 

“I sent him a text to get right. I had somebody close at home that caught COVID so I know how serious it is. I just shot him a text, ‘Keep your head up and try to get better.’ This thing is not anything to play around with for anybody to get. I am just glad we got the W and looking forward to next week.”

On if the Browns defense had Garrett’s absence in the back of their minds and knew they would have to step up and contribute: 

“The mindset was going out there, everybody playing as a team and getting the W. I think that was everybody’s mindset. We ended up doing that. Now, we are sitting at 7-3 so I think everybody is just happy at the moment and trying to build up this momentum.”

On if the Browns DL got together before the game to talk about stepping up or if that goes unsaid: 

“At the end of the day, the rest of the guys can make plays, as well. We have guys that can make plays. We had a good week of practice, and everybody knew what we needed to do. We came out and executed and everybody came together as a team, especially as a D line.”

On if he is feeling healthier than he did in the first half of the season: 

“Yeah, I feel a whole lot better. It is football. You are going to deal with nicks and everything like that. I am glad that the majority of our team is pretty healthy. That is what you need, especially coming towards the end of the line with the season and trying to make a run for the playoffs.”

On if he thought he would be back with the Browns this season and why he agreed to a contract restructuring: 

“At the end of the day, I saw this team had a lot of potential. How everything unfolded last year, it did not really go our way. We had too much talent, and we wasted last year. One thing that is hard to do is get a win, and the next hardest thing is get into the playoffs. I think my mindset and everybody else in this organization’s mindset right now is to get into the playoffs and trying to make something. Just have to get into the tournament. It starts Week 1 and every week after that. Leading up to the season, just seeing the potential that we had and guys that are really hungry and guys that are tired of losing, I am just glad to be a part of it.”

On playing in the rain and if those conditions favor pass rushers or the OL: 

“I am from Miami so I love playing in the rain, minus the cold weather. It changed the aspect of the offense and what they try to run. It starts to change it to a more physical change. The offense tries to get it started with the run game and tries to get the ball moving and get the momentum going on their side. Credit to them, they came in here putting up a good fight, and we just ended up finishing it off and made the plays we needed to make. Just glad we got the win.”

On if his familiarity with Eagles T Jason Peters helped today: 

“Going into each week and going one on one, you want to win your one on ones no matter who it is. Me and Jason, we have had great battles, especially when I was in New York. Always respect and love him as player and as an opponent. Just try to do my job and guys have my back. We just pulled it out and got the win.”

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