DE Ogbo Okoronkwo (3.21.23)


On excitement to work with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, DE Myles Garrett and the Browns defense:

“With Coach Schwartz, just traditionally, D ends have a lot of success in his defense – high sack numbers and high production. I am really excited about that. Playing on the other side of Myles Garrett, I think it speaks for itself. He has been one of the best pass rushers in the league year in and year out. Being able to play alongside him will open up a lot of things for me so I am excited about that, as well.”


On he plans to expand his number of pass rush moves, in addition to his strong spin move and others already on tape:

“We will see. The best pass rushers only use three to four moves. You don’t need 100 moves. We will see. I like my bread and butter, but I am always willing to add more things to my toolbelt.”


On what led to his increased production in the second half of the 2022 season:

“I think it was just more opportunity. I went from playing anywhere from eight to 10 snaps to 30. When you get more snaps and more opportunity, you get to do more things with it. I feel like when I got moved to the starting position, I took full advantage of it.”


On his confidence that he can build off of last season’s success with more opportunities in Cleveland:

“I think the best is yet to come for me. I don’t think anybody has seen my best ball yet. I am excited to show everybody.”


On lobbying for free agent WR Odell Beckham Jr. and his excitement to be in Cleveland:

“I am super excited to be a part of what is going on in Cleveland because just of how talented that roster is. I am really ready to get in there, start talking to the guys and seeing where everybody’s head is at.


“Recruiting OBJ, it is as simple as I want to win, and he is a talented player. I won a Super Bowl with him a couple of years ago. When he got to the team, he made the team better from Day 1. I know he has history here. I want to win a Super Bowl. It is not like I just want OBJ here in particular; I want just good players who can help us win.”


On Beckham’s reaction to the recruiting effort:

“Those conversations are private (laughter).”


On if he has talked to Garrett since joining the Browns:

“We have talked. We are just excited to get after quarterbacks. He has watched a lot of my game, and I have of course watched a bunch of his game. We are just ready to play with each other and learn what each other likes and how to play off of each other. We are excited to just get going.”


On if his mindset changed last year when he received more snaps as a starter:

“Nothing changed at all since I started playing in the NFL. I have my routine. My approach was exactly the same. I make sure I am ready at all times whether I am playing one snap or 100. I am always going to be prepared to play.”


On why he and Garrett can be successful together:

“I think me and Myles both possess a combination of traits – speed, power and quickness. That coming off of both edges is going to be a lot for an offensive line to deal with. We are just excited to see how they are going to try to block us.”


On his excitement to play in Schwartz’s and the Browns’ defense, which may not blitz as often as other units and wants to create pressure from the DL:

“I am just excited that he has faith in our front four to get pressure without blitzing. That is the ultimate compliment for the defensive line if you don’t have to blitz. I feel like he has the guys to do it in this defense.”


On how his role changes from the Rams to the Texans and expected adjustment when joining the Browns:

“I think with the Rams, I was asked to drop a little bit more and play a little bit more linebacker versus with the Texans I was full time with my hand in the dirt. Sometimes, I stand up but still playing defensive end, essentially. I think what the Texans asked me to do is very similar to what the Browns are asking me to do, except I will be on the edge more with the Browns. As an edge player, I love being on the edge so that is always a plus for me.”


On the challenge adjusting from a stand-up OLB role to hand-down DE:

“It was a little easier. Playing defensive end, all you need to know is what direction you are going versus what coverage you are in. I feel like it was easier. I was able to play fast immediately from Day 1. I liked it. The transition wasn’t hard at all.”


On if it was difficult waiting for an expanded role and more opportunity prior to receiving that with the Texans:

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t [difficult]. Everybody feels like they deserve to play. I feel like I was working really hard and doing the things that were necessary to get on the field. I was waiting on my time. It was nobody’s fault. When the opportunity came, I took advantage of it. When I look back, I don’t have any malice or bad feelings about it. I am really appreciative to (former Texans Head Coach) Coach Lovie (Smith) and (Texans defensive line coach) Coach Jacques (Cesaire) for the opportunities they gave me.”


On takeaways from playing with LA Rams DL Aaron Donald:

“That guy is really gifted so a lot that I learned from him was just a mindset. If you see him play, you know how relentless he is, you know how much the games mean to him and you know how much he loves it. Just watching the way he plays, the way he works and how early he comes to work just to get more film and just the little things that he does. A lot of people will say that he is a gifted athlete, and yes, he really is, but he puts in so much work off the field just preparing himself for when he is going to get into these games because Aaron Donald is getting triple-teamed every game. For him to be able to play at that high level, he has to come in and watch extra film, stay after it and a lot of body work. Just a full-on pro. I feel like that is what I took from him watching him and playing alongside him.”


On if he has talked to other defensive players the Browns have added in free agency, including DT Dalvin Tomlinson and S Juan Thornhill, and confidence they can be part of a strong turnaround for the unit:

“I talked to Dalvin. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to Juan yet, but I watched his tape, and I really like what I saw. I think that the Browns are doing a great job in free agency. I feel like they are fortifying the defense. I feel like we have a lot of good players in a lot of different spots, and I am ready to see how we complement each other.”


On his approach to preparation and training during this portion of the offseason:

“Part of the offseason is just getting in shape and making sure your body is as healthy as it can be. It is going to be a long season so you have to make sure you just prepare your body for that. I think it is more towards the summer when the workouts get very strenuous. Right now, we are more just taking care of ourselves so we are in shape for OTAs.”


On the most challenging aspect of his career he has had to overcome and how it made him a better player and person:

“The most challenging thing I had to overcome was just waiting my time and waiting for my opportunity. I think that it made me a better player because it just showed me how to make the most out of my opportunities. When I was getting about five to 10 snaps, what can I do in those five to 10 snaps, instead of just complaining about why I am not getting 20-30? I feel like it just made me more of an efficient player. I was pass rush specialist for the Rams. I feel like I made the most out of those snaps that I got. Moving forward, now that I have a lot of snaps, I treat it the same way. I try to just make the most out of all of those snaps and be as efficient as possible.”


On if his mindset changes at all in a role where he will likely play a significant number of snaps on defense:

“It definitely hasn’t changed my mindset. I am a guy who plays with a chip on my shoulder. It is the way I train. That is the way I approach everything. It hasn’t really changed much. I am still going to Cleveland feeling like there are a lot of things that I deserve that I haven’t gotten, and I am going to work through it.”


On how grateful he is that the Browns evaluated his final eight games of the 2022 season and identified him as a player who could contribute to the team:

“I am just grateful. I am glad that the Browns did their homework on me. I feel like it is a really good fit for both parties. I feel like I fit into exactly what they are looking for, and I feel like I am going to bring them the production that they are looking for on the other side of Myles. I think everything worked out well.”


On what aspects of his game complement Garrett’s skillset:

“I think that his speed off the edge is amazing. It is second to none. His bend is also second to none. I think where I can complement him is a lot of people talk about my spin move, but I think my long arm and my ability to crush the pocket and disrupt the pocket is one of my biggest attributes. As he is rushing the edge and flying off the edge with all of that speed as I crush the pocket and just make the quarterback uncomfortable and escape in ways that he is not used to, I think that will just open it up for Myles more.”


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