DE Myles Garrett, DT Sheldon Richardson, TE Ricky Seals-Jones, DE Chad Thomas, C JC Tretter and CB Greedy Williams (11.8.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • DE Myles Garrett
  • DT Sheldon Richardson
  • TE Ricky Seals-Jones
  • DE Chad Thomas
  • C JC Tretter
  • CB Greedy Williams


DE Myles Garrett:

On his knee:

“You get some bumps and bruises throughout the season, but nothing is going to stop me.”


On DE Olivier Vernon being ruled out for Sunday’s game:

“Just means we have to step up on the other side. I have no doubt that the guys who are in there – (DEs) Chris (Smith), Chad (Thomas) and even (DT) Sheldon (Richardson) if he moves out there. They are going to get the job done, and they are going to fill that role just as anyone else would, and I am going to have to pick up my play and make sure there is no drop in efficiency or effectiveness.”


On differences in DE Chad Thomas from 2018 to 2019:

“He has been more technically sound with his moves. Playing the run, he has been really good being physical through his tight ends and setting the edge. Here is his opportunity put down and play.”


On minimizing big plays and making plays in critical moments:

“We just can’t let the big plays to happen. You have to get guys down. We had trouble tackling (Broncos TE) Noah Fant and (Broncos RB Phillip) Lindsay got loose once time. You know they are going to break off some of these. You just have to stop the bleeding. You can’t allow them to get to the end zone. You have to get them down at the 10, the 5 or even the 3 and live to fight another day. Make them kick a field goal or take the ball away. Those are the moments we have to go up and get the job done and get more opportunities.”


DT Sheldon Richardson:

On DE Chad Thomas stepping in for DE Olivier Vernon:
“He is capable. He is capable of filling in. We are no fall off. He can hold up in the run. He can rush the passer. As long as he knows his playbook and has the plays down, which I know he does, he should not have a problem.”


On the challenges facing Bills QB Josh Allen:

“Very mobile, strong, decent arm and they have a system that is working for him right now. The defense is pretty decent and all of that of keeping them in it. They play complementary football.”


On if the Browns approach Allen differently, knowing Allen has a number of fumbles this season and if the team will try to swipe at the ball:

“Swipe at the ball? Of course. You take note of stuff like that and coach it every week.”


On C JC Tretter signing an extension:

“Congrats. He is good. He is great. Very sound center, smart. I know he is helping Baker out a lot. Moving the chains when they run the ball. It is very noticeable, his work ethic. Definitely worth it. Congrats.”


TE Ricky Seals-Jones:

On how his knee feeling:

“I am feeling good. Taking it day to day. See how it is Sunday before the game and make a decision from there.”


On if his availability will be a true game-time decision:

“Oh, yeah, 100 percent.”


On his reaction when taking a hit to his knee:

“I thought it was over, I am not going to lie. Took one [moment] and then it kind of came back to life. I was like ‘Just get me up. Let me just try to walk on it and see what it feels like.’ Got back there, the trainers did what they needed to do and just went from there.”


On how long it took to realize his knee injury was not serious:

“Probably right when I got up from it. Between the 20-second timeframe and the trainers came. Once we got back and kind of calmed my nerves, got up and went to the locker room from there.”


On if he has ever taken a shot like that to the knee before:

“No. Hopefully the first and last. It is part of the game. You get caught sometimes. That is part of it.”


DE Chad Thomas:

On the opportunity for him with DE Olivier Vernon out on Sunday:
“Definitely a big opportunity for me to come in and have more time. It is an opportunity that I can’t pass up so just get in there and do what I have to do. Do my 1/11th. Basically, do my job.”


On having to wait a while to get his first opportunity start:

“Yeah, always waiting. Everyone wants to start. As long as I can get in the game and just play with the D line and do what I can do, that is the biggest part.”


On Bills QB Josh Allen:
“Good quarterback. He can run. He can pass. He can do everything. Just come out there and do what we have to do. Basically, just doing our job.”


On the Bills RB tandem, specifically Bills RB Frank Gore:

“Great running backs. That is a player you have a lot of respect for, but we just have to come out there and play when he is on the other side of the ball.”


C JC Tretter:

On signing an extension with the Browns and G Joel Bitonio saying he owes the OL dinner:
“Yeah, more than willing to. It was a blessing. Extremely grateful. Just excited to be a Cleveland Brown for three more years.”


On what it means the Browns made a long-term commitment to him:

“It is a great feeling. Like I said at the beginning of the season, it is where I want to be and where I want to end up. I am just happy we were able to come to an agreement.”


On when he sensed his extension would happen:

“We had been talking for a couple of weeks and things kept getting closer and closer. This was the week I felt like something was going to get done if anything was going to get done. Both sides got a good deal, and I think we are both excited.”


On if it is a relief to get an extension done and not have to enter free agency again during the offseason:

“I would not say it is a relief, but it is a great feeling. It is a great feeling. I went into the year understanding the possibility of having to play out all 16-plus games and then go from there. Luckily, the two sides were able to lock things down early and kind of take any thought out of the process.”


CB Greedy Williams:

On defensive coordinator Steve Wilks saying the defense needs to play better in critical moments:

“When the plays comes to you, you get your opportunity and you know that you have to make the plays. That is why we are DBs. It is our job to make plays on the ball when we are given that opportunity.”


On wrapping up when tackling being a point of emphasis this week in practice:

“We did  a couple of drills just working on the form of tackling. Like you said, wrapping up. Obviously, [Wilks] gave us a speech about how many missed tackles that turn into big yards. Definitely one of the emphasis of the week. Just making big tackles.”


 On how to improve tackling when not having many opportunities to do it in practice:

“You can only coach it so much. The drills that we was doing, they simulated real game situations. It is really a mindset of just making tackles.”


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