DE Myles Garrett and LB Christian Kirksey (9.27.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • DE Myles Garrett
  • LB Christian Kirksey


DE Myles Garrett:

On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s improvements in his second season:

“I just feel like they are meshing better as an offense. They are exploiting or using his running ability better this year so that it keeps people off balance and then he is able to get some good throws off as well every now and then. Once he is able to hit you for 30 down the sideline with his feet and then you are ready for him to scramble, he sits there and hits you with a 15-yard throw and you do not know what is coming next. Just the unpredictability is catching people off guard and not knowing really how to handle it.”


On if players have to rush Jackson differently than other QBs who aren’t as mobile:

“Yes. You have to cage this guy and make sure he does not scramble up the middle – definitely not scrambling up the middle. You have to try to get him running to his left, throw off balance and just try to keep him in the pocket if we can, but if we can’t, just funnel him to his weaker side throwing. Just make sure he is not as effective.”


On if it helps to have previously played Jackson and the Ravens so that Jackson’s speed and mobility doesn’t catch players off guard:
“It is not a surprise, but it still catches people off guard because of how slick he is from getting away from potential tacklers. He sees them coming, and he will do a back juke or hit a move to the side, and then all of the sudden, they are on the ground thinking they already had him. He is as elusive as they come, but you just have to make sure you have population to the ball and see what you hit.”


On if players have to be more conscientious when following Jackson as Jackson’s elusiveness could result in a penalty when tackling:
“We have not talked too much about that. You are trying to go toward his midsection. You are not trying to hit up high. You have to stop those legs. Those are what are getting everybody to miss. It is not like he is wiggling. Those cuts are very sharp and precise. He is not really chopping or doing anything like that, but if you are able to keep him from doing that one cut, make sure you are funneling him back to your defenders, you can keep him from tearing you up.”


LB Christian Kirksey:

On how important it is to him to maintain his leadership role despite being on injured reserve:

“Right now, when I am not on the field, I want to just be that voice still and encourage my teammate. I do not want to check out and worry about just myself. I still have to worry about my brothers.”


On taking his captain role seriously despite being on injured reserve:

“You just have to transfer your energy somewhere else, and that is being the best teammate you can be and supporting.”


On if his injury will require surgery:

“I am just talking about football.”


On if he has ever been in this type of position where he is primarily focusing on mentoring younger players:

“Right now, I know what to do, and that is to be the best teammate that I can be for my brothers. I know exactly what to do. Just help the young guys out while I am out and try to give them as much knowledge as I can and be that support.”


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