DE Myles Garrett (9.9.22)



On facing rookie Panthers T Ikem Ekwonu in the first NFL game of the season:

“I think it is a great opportunity for me and him. Being able to play against a young guy, I get to learn him as we go, and he has a lot of tape on me, but he doesn’t have a lot of experience with edge rushers in the league. Vice versa, I don’t have a lot of tape on him as far as how he is handling pass rushing on this level and what he can do. It will be a little bit new for both of us, and I am looking forward to the opportunity.”


On Browns coaches saying he has taken his game to another level in practice:

“Just doing my thing as best as I can. As far as taking it to another level, that is always the goal and what I am trying to do is just get 1% better each day. Even if it 0.01%, whatever I can do to work on my craft and perfect something that I didn’t yesterday, that is everything that I am trying to do with after practice and while I am in practice. I think it has been paying off a little bit, but I am glad these guys are noticing.”


On if wanting to be a dominant NFL player drives him, given defensive coordinator Joe Woods commented it appears he is dedicated to accomplishing that goal:

“Always. I want to be the most dominant force on the field whenever I play. No matter if it is offense or defense, it doesn’t matter. Glad to be recognized, but it takes these next 17 games and hopefully some more for that to actually mean something.”


On how much wanting to win NFL Defensive Player of the Year motivates him, given he has never received a vote for it:

“To go from no votes to winning, it is going to be something special. It will definitely be on my mind.”


On being named a captain:

“It means a lot being respected by your peers and appreciated for the leadership that I have shown and the time that I have put in. This is a special group of guys and some of the best groups I have been around. Being honored among them is a really high honor for me.”


On if it has been important to him to grow as a leader:

“Yes, I am always growing as a leader, growing in my mentality and attitude and how I come and how I leave work each day. Just trying to keep that consistency day in and day out and put my money where my mouth is.”


On receiving the NFLPA’s community impact award for Week 1:

“It probably means just a little bit more than being named captain just because that is the community and that is bigger than football and what I will go on to do on the field for me and the City of Cleveland and hopefully it is something that we will share for however long my career lasts here. Just looking forward to the opportunity to continuing to help the youth grow, help their education and help them enjoy going to school and appreciate being around their friends and their peers.”


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