DE Myles Garrett (9.26.21)

On the Browns defense’s strong performance today:

“It is awesome seeing everybody getting off and making big plays. It is just like when you are in high schools, everybody is balling and you feel like you can make a play at any time and you feel like you are the star. Everybody wants to feel like that on the field. We are picking for each other, we are working games with each other and helping each other make plays. That is how it is supposed to be. You are supposed to work in tandem, and that is what it looked like today.”


On if his message on Friday was received and if he received more support today:

“I needed to be there myself. There is no excuse that I am getting chipped. I have to go out there and make plays and have to find a way to be effective and produce, as well. They stepped up to the challenge. Knew who was coming in here was a great defense and a budding young quarterback who was hungry. We stepped up to the plate, and we knocked it out of the park.”


On if today’s performance was the best of his NFL career thus far:

“That will be for y’all to tell me. I would say yes until I missed that last sack and gave it to JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney). Me and the statistician are going to have a talk to see if I can get half of that (laughter). It was fun, though. We all on the D line had a great game, and coverage was working, as well.”


On setting the Browns franchise record for sacks in one game:

“It feels good, but knowing that we can be even better. It is tough. That is the worst part about it is had a great game, but there are always going to be the ones you miss or the ones you are close on. Glad to be able to ball out with those boys. Glad to see them stay hungry and go feast, but there is still more to come.”


On if he thinks back to how high his sack total could have been if he capitalized on missed opportunities like the final sack Clowney recorded:

“JOK adding when he is not supposed to and taking half [of a sack] away (laughter). Like I said, guys were hungry and wanted to make plays. He knows he can be a force rushing the passer. He was there with me, and he made plays in the pass game dropping out in coverage and pushing pressure on the quarterback. I think we all did, and that is how it is supposed to look, especially with the guys we have up front and the guys we brought in.”


On if he knew early that the Browns’ defensive gameplan would work and the team would be able to generate pressure:

“After that first possession, I thought so, just seeing how we were getting off of the ball and how the games were working. I knew I flew up the field on the first play thinking it was pass – that is on me. After that, I think we kind of settled in and saw how they planned to use the flow of the game. It kind of came to us easily after the second possession and kind of figured out what they were going to do and how we were going to adjust to that.”


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