DE Myles Garrett (9.25.20)

DE Myles Garrett:

On donating $5,000 to Waterboys following his sack on Thursday night, which he will do for every sack this season:

“It is amazing. I know it is going to a good cause and people are going to get a lot out of it. I hope to have a couple wells built off of the season I want to have. I just have to take it one game at a time. The second best part was the little tribute to Chadwick Boseman with my celebration. I know I was a little bit amped after the first one, but after I settled down, I gave him a little sack-celebration tribute. Those two things, they meant a lot.”

On if the strip-sack last Thursday is an example of the type of game-changing plans he hopes to regularly make:

“Yeah, I want to be a part of the reason we win every game. We are going to need more of those and more frequently. Just seeing how I can be disruptive, whether I am getting in there and getting those sacks or pressures or taking on two or three guys and having my guys get free to get those sacks and big-time plays.”

On his reaction to the Kentucky grand jury’s recent announcement regarding the Breonna Taylor case:

“I believe the decision is not right. I think all three of the officers should have been held accountable for their actions. I do not think their actions, the way they chose to go about things, and the result of her losing her life, I do not see how they can come off or at least two of them come off scot free and not be judged or held accountable for the death of someone who was, in my in eyes, innocent of any wrongdoing in that time. Anybody barging through someone’s home when, one, there are different accounts of whether they announced themselves or not. I do not think, one, it should not be right for him to shoot as someone is coming into his house and for him to be held accountable for someone shooting as someone coming into his house when he does not know that someone is coming. Now, I do not think he had any wrongdoing. I do not think he was drug dealing. I believe that was her ex-boyfriend. Them barging in and him having the right to defend his home and the people in it and then them shooting back through the walls and not knowing really what they are aiming at and all the missed shots that were fired and all the shots that could of hit anybody else in the complex, I just do not see how that is safe protocol. I do not see how you can’t hold these guys accountable for the wrongdoing with how they handled that situation. Am I a police officer? No. I always say I hold these guys in high-regard because they do a job that most us could not, but just like in our line of work, they can either do the job in strenuous situations or not able to do it with the best of them and you should not be here. We have to hold them accountable for making the right call just about every time. Those strenuous and stressful situations where their numbers is called and they have to make those tough calls, they have to make the right one. If you can’t, then we have to get someone who can. They should not be allowed to move from one place to another if they are not able to make those tough calls and get a second chance when we see their track record or we have seen how they have handled situations before. It was tough. It was tough to see.”

On if the team’s social justice leadership committee has met since the announcement in the Taylor case and if he or the team will do anything this weekend to honor Taylor:

“It would not be this game because we have not had the chance to get together, talk and plan on what we plan to do for that. There are a lot of different ways we could pay tribute, get a message across or get to the verdict that was given. We will have a meeting and do something in response to that.”

On the Browns meeting with Cleveland Division of Police Chief Calvin D. Williams and Council Members of the City of Cleveland on Tuesday:

“I know he was a shining a positive light on all the things that they have been doing to take positive steps and show that they will not have any more incidents than we have had in a past and trying to maintain a healthy and consistent relationship with communities that they deal with. It was very positive. It had a lot of things going things for them, but I wanted to hear about where they feel like they fall short and how they feel they can use us and where they really need our help. It was a lot of talk about Tamir Rice and a couple of more cases that happened over the years back and how they have grown and evolved since that and tried to put pressure on the force to change their ways and to interact with the people they serve differently. Life has changed since then, and it has changed rather quickly with the injustice that is going on in America today and how we are trying to make a difference here and how we are trying to start something that could lead to a domino effect that can go all throughout Ohio and be kind of the example for the other towns, cities and states. That is really what I wanted to hear about. He was trying to talk about all the good things that they are doing, which they are doing a lot of good things and they are setting a better example than most will give them credit for. I appreciate him listening to the people who have made an effort contact them and tell them what they needs to improve. I just want to get the social justice committee together, ask them how they are feeling and how we can fit in in this plan and meeting to make things better for all of us.”

On Washington QB Dwayne Haskins: 

“Not scared to scramble. Not scared to gamble, either. He is a fearless young man. He is taught well. He gets the ball off quick. He tries to keep to his scheduled throws – three-step drop, get it out fast and five-step drop. He does not try to take too long in the pocket. Sometimes he gets caught up. He sees things that are being sat on. For the most part, he is coming along pretty nicely. I like how his game is developing. I think he has a promising career ahead of him. We have to just try and take advantage of those quick early ones and get him into those long third downs, which they do not like to allow him to have freedom on and make him make those big throws that he has not had to make.”


On Washington DE Chase Young:

“I think he looks good. He is 2.5 sacks deep already, and that is a good pace for the first two. When you are on a roll, you want to stay on a roll so they are going to look to feed the hot hand in the young fella. He is going to go out there with a little chip on his shoulder. I like his game. I like how he gets after it. He has good timing off the ball, and he has good hands. He is tenacious when he is going after the pass. He is definitely not a bad run defender. He is a pretty complete player, and I like his game.”

On the depth on Washington’s DL and the number of first-round picks on their defense:

“We have our own run of a lot of first-round picks. It is not surprising. Things happen to fall that way sometimes. They used their money and their picks on getting some big-time players up front. They can ball. They can rush, and they can play pretty good defense. We are going to have to find their weaknesses. We are going to try to establish the run and see what we can do from there.”

On if there is a competition between Young and him and if he wants to be the best DE on the field in any given game:

“I want to be the best player on the field in a given game. Whoever their best player is, I want to be matched up against them.”

On if the Browns defense is hoping to take advantage of Washington G Brandon Scherff not being able to play:

“I was looking forward to going against him because I am one to enjoy that kind of competition and that kind of matchup where I know whoever wins this you have bragging rights for a while if we see each other again. I hope to see him in the future if the cards fall right. Knowing that he is out, we have another guy who does not have as many snaps as him or not as many starts as him, we have to try to exploit him and show him some things that he has not seen before and see what we can do with him and try to get him frustrated and discombobulated.”

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