DE Myles Garrett (9.19.21)


On how the rest of the team reacted when WR Jarvis Landry left the game:

“It affects all of us. Sparks are flying to push on for him because we know that he would be in our ear.”


On all of the injuries today:

“Guys were just going down. It was a physical game. It was gritty, and it was fun. A lot of guys trying to get after it and just try to do their job best they can. Injuries happen. Just hope they are not long term.”


On his reaction when he didn’t see Texans QB Tyrod Taylor in the second half:

“I must have took a lot out of him when I tried to chase him down (laughter).”


On the Browns defense having to clean up what isn’t working too well:

“The first 15 was tough. They were doing things that we weren’t really seeing in them before. It was a combination of that and trying to switch up their tendencies a bit, and we just have to adjust.”


On the Browns defense struggling to get off the field at times and if they need more time to gel:

“A little bit. D line is pretty much new except for me and (DE) Porter (Gustin). It’s tough to get that chemistry right away. It’s inspiring to go into that film room and see something we have been working on and it work cleanly. It just didn’t get there in time”


On how great was it to see S Grant Delpit make his debut and make a big play:

“That was a hell of a hit. I see him coming off free and thinking this is going to be ESPN top 10, and he laid a hit on him and made his presence known.”


On how he felt about QB Baker Mayfield getting hurt and coming back the way he was able to finish:

“I think he was just playing up for the cameras. He kind of rolled his shoulder a little bit and rubbed some dirt on it and went back out there. The guy is tough. Honestly, (laughter) wouldn’t say carbon copy, but he is like Brett Favre 2.0 with less picks though.(laughter)”


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