DE Myles Garrett (9.17.21)



On his biggest individual takeaways from Week 1 against Kansas City:

“I got some hits, and I got some pressures, but I have to take advantage of what the offense gives me. They were doing a lot of things to try to throw me off to try to negate me on my side. I have to do some… I do not want to say some different alignment things, but just work some different techniques. It was a lot of me rushing the edge, and I have to be a little bit more versatile.”


On how frustrating it was that the Chiefs were getting the ball out quickly:

“It is tough, but it is slow until it is not. You think it is a three-step and it is a 5-stepor you think he (Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes) is going to get rid of it and then he is holding on to it so you have to rush like he is going to hold onto it every time. I know it is tough thinking that first or second down that he is going to bullet it to (WR) Tyreek (Hill) or (TE Travis) Kelce for a quick gain, but we have guys back here who can cover and we can get a chance.”


On if it is a ‘win knowing that the quarterback is getting the ball out faster than usual’:

“It depends on if we get the ball down or no. Those guys get a lot of YAC, and if we get them down right where they caught it, that could be a win for us. If we can knock it down, that is even better. We are trying to get sacks and negative plays. We are not trying to see them just drive it down the field with short gains.”


On switching from a passing offense in the Chiefs in Week 1 to a running offense in Week 2 against the Texans:

“You have to earn the right to rush the passer. Some of the best coaches that I have worked with have taught me that. If they can’t run the ball, there is only one other option. We have to be able to jump on them, be physical with them and move the line of scrimmage. If we do that, we will be in good shape.”


On if he and DE Jadeveon Clowney have to get used to playing together:

“It is different, but I do not think it will take long. We went against one of the best offenses in the league so it is going to take a little time. It was a tough test. I think we will learn from it and be able to bounce back this week.”