DE Myles Garrett (9.16.23)

Yeah, we saw the crossover. So what are we going to see Monday?

“I might bring something new out. I might save it for the Bengals.”


Did you get a kick out of the reaction to that? I mean, I’m sure you saw some of it.

“Yeah, my family and friends showed me some. It was more their reaction. That’s what made it so special.”


Was that spontaneous? Or I had heard you’d done that a little bit in practice and in Greenbrier and some other places. 

“I’ve done it for years in practice. I’ve just never brought it out. I was like, this year I’m just going to have fun and we’re just going to bust out everything I’m doing in practice. So that was one of them days.”


Does Jim (Schwartz) kind of let you guys show your personality and kind of open the door for stuff like that?

“I mean the door is fully open as long as you’re in a framework and he knows that. He’s seen me win doing stuff like that. So if I was just doing that and I was getting locked up, it’d be a little bit different. He knows he can count on me in those kinds of situations.”


Talk about just the magnitude of going into Pittsburgh–Monday Night Football, primetime. A chance to go 2-0 for the first time for you guys since 1993 and all the things about this game?

“Just throwing a lot of different information out there. We’re just going to Pittsburgh to play a game at 8:00 o’clock or whatever time it is. We’re not worried about all the history behind all these curses or records we’re trying to break. We just want to be 1-0 at the end of the week. We’re not worried about anything else.”


Myles, when Joel (Bitonio) talked about the crossover thing yesterday, he brought up an edge rusher, he thinks one of your best moves is almost like a Euro step. Do you think that’s the right way to describe it? 

“I guess yeah. I think it was coined like that against the Bengals like a couple of years ago. So, yeah, I like the Euro steps. I have variations that I wouldn’t particularly name that but something things that look similar so I might have to start naming each one.”


You mentioned previously how selfless this group of defensive line members are. Is that just them by nature? Is that just their character or does this kind of happen organically amongst you guys as you come together? 

“This was them from the very beginning. They’ve always been like this and just willing to give their all and whatever they have to do to make sure that the team wins. Looking out for the greater good and trying to do what they can to serve a higher purpose.”


What are you going to do for an encore after that after that amazing defensive performance that you had?



How much do you like Jim (Schwartz) moving you around the defensive line instead of keeping you in one spot?

“It keeps the offense guessing. That’s what we want to do. We don’t want to allow them to get comfortable with us being in one position, whether it’s me, Z (Za’Darius Smith), and O (Ogbo Okoronkwo) and allow them to just tip us or double us, whatever their game plan is, so it just allows us to jump in the call we want in certain situations and get freed up for one-on-ones.”


What do you appreciate about TJ’s (Watt) game?

“TJ finds a way to win. He’s a dog. He always has those second-effort plays. He can win inside, outside, he’s strong, fast. He doesn’t look as strong as he is, but the way he finds a way to fight through a double or single, it’s really impressive. And I have a lot of respect for his game and him. So always look forward to doing my best out there at Pittsburgh. And it’s just fun knowing that on the other end we have someone who’s at a similar caliber and trying their best as well.”


How does that duo, TJ (Watt) and (Alex) Highsmith, present a challenge for you guys?

“For sure. Both of them can rush very well. Both of them play the run very well. So it’s just a matter of never letting off a single play because that one could be game-changing with that group. So you got to be on P’s and Q’s all throughout and make sure you know your assignment.”


Do you get even more amped up for Monday night football or a primetime game than just a regular Sunday afternoon at one?

“You get amped up for them all. None of them are guaranteed. I’m glad to make it to this one. Last year I couldn’t say the same. So always looking forward to playing a game, whether it’s a one, four or it’s late night on Sunday or it’s on Monday night. We’re all glad to have this opportunity. A Monday night special. I’m sure I’ll get more amped up as we get even closer. Right now, taking all that.”


How about Dawand Jones having to go up against TJ Watt in this game. How do you think he’ll do and what have you kind of showed him and helped him with? 

“I mean, I haven’t told him anything about TJ. Something’s for him to watch film. If he wants to know anything, I’ll tell him. We all watch rushers all across the league. So whether that’s (Alex) Highsmith or TJ. He’s asked Z (Za’Darius Smith) a lot because he plays a little bit more on the left and he asks how he’s able to have success and what he can do to protect better and get the advantage on him. He’s looking forward to the opportunity and we’re looking forward to what he wants to do on that Monday night.”


How have you seen him progress and develop throughout this whole summer? 

“I mean, he’s finding what works best for him in the system. They’re telling you where to go and what to do, but it’s always a matter of what your body allows and what kind of style in which you do it. And he’s finding the best way to perform his job at the highest level. And he’s looking good.”



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