DE Myles Garrett (9.16.22)


On if the NY Jets’ changes at Ts impacts him or is it simply a matter of who is out there on Sunday:

“At the end of the day, it is whoever is out there, but the gameplan does change a little bit as far as the variety of rushes and what he is weak or strong to. Just trying to figure out my plan as far as rushing him and how to manipulate him to make the plays that we need to change the game.”


On if he looks ahead to prepare for future matchups or if he operates on a week-to-week basis:

“It started when the last game was over. When the Panthers were over, we were on to the Jets. Just trying to focus on them. Whenever this game is over, we will look at the next week and whoever that opponent is. Right now, I am trying to take it one game at a time to make sure that we finish 1-0 before we try to get ahead of ourselves and worry about trying to continue this record.”


On defensive line Coach Chris Kiffin’s comment that while other players are on TikTok he is journaling and what he journals about:

“I write about everything – life, football and just stuff that comes to me. I feel like getting your words out onto a page, it helps you realize it. Putting it into words actually helps you come to grips with it. It makes you acknowledge it and accept it a lot easier than just saying it in the mirror. I feel like once you read it, it brings you back to that moment, those memories and where you need to be to take yourself further or better yourself.”


On Browns coaches, including Kiffin’s, comments that he seems to be on another level this year and if he has increased his focus this year:

“I think so. We have guys who try to detract my focus (laughter), but I try to make that focus also contagious to some of my teammates, as well. I think it is important that we are all focused on the task at hand, which kind of steps back to the first question and staying on this game and not trying to focus on any others. Focus on this one rep – not the last one, not the next one; just win this one.”


On if he is aware that he two sacks away from setting the Browns’ all-time sack record, surpassing former Browns LB Clay Matthews Jr., and if it would be meaningful to him to set the record this week:

“What is important to me is winning. Whether I tie it, I don’t or I break it, whatever it is, but I want to be very impactful in the game. I want to be able to be a game changer for my team. If I don’t break the record, that is not going to sadden me. There will be many more games and another game next week. I know he is a great player and he has had a line of great players. I hope to get it, but at the end of the day, it won’t wear me down if I do not.”


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