DE Myles Garrett (9.10.21)


On his mindset for Sunday’s game after playing the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round:

“Go in and go win. It is a big game. They have proven that they can go to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. They are one of the best teams in the league. We want to be ranked amongst that group. We have to go in there and attack them.”


On if he likes to get this type of test to start the season:

“I sure do not mind it. I like it. I like to be able to go against the best, and I am sure that the rest of the guys are eager for the challenge, as well.”


On how nice it was to get DE Jadeveon Clowney back at practice today as the Browns prepare to face a Chiefs OL with several new starters:

“They are new, but they have some good guys on their line. Not selling them short. Not going to take them for granted. We have to go out there thinking that they put in the same kind of work that we have. We are going to go out there and test them, but we have to get ourselves sharp before we can go out there and put on the performance we want to.”


On if he was worried about Clowney’s status after missing practices this week due to illness:

“No, I am going to go out there and do what I do regardless. I am sure glad that he is back – will never sell that short. I was not playing with Clowney last year or my first three years so if anything happens, I am not going to be afraid to take on the challenge with the rest of the guys in the locker room because I know they are just as prepared.”


On what stands out from watching film of the playoff matchup against the Chiefs:

“What sticks out? How well (Chiefs QB) Patrick (Mahomes) was playing before he got knocked out. (Chiefs QB Chad) Henne scrambling and no one picking him up – that hurts. I pick up on most of the negative plays. I do not care how many plays I was close, I got a hit or I made a tackle or how well we did. It is the negative plays and how we can clean that up. We were only a couple of plays from being in a completely different situation. How we can improve and how we can sharpen ourselves to take the next step.”


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