DE Myles Garrett (8.23.22)


On experiencing a tough, emotional past week:

“Yes, I was out for a while visiting a family member and supporting them and supporting my family. Just wanted to be around him and show him that he is loved during this tough time and be present.”


On how much he appreciates the Browns giving him the time to be with family:

“It really means a lot. It shows how much trust they have in me to go out there and be where I need to be with them at that time but also come back and do what I am supposed to do to get back with the team and be on top of it when I get back.”


On his level of preparedness for the 2022 season, given he has not played in the preseason yet and may or may not play on Saturday:

“I am on the unofficial depth chart for that third game so we will see if I end up playing or not (laughter). I feel like I am in a good spot all around and I am happy to be able to get the chance to go back out there, whenever it is.”


On if he has already started planning for Week 1 and his preparations for former Browns and Panthers QB Baker Mayfield:

“No, I will end up watching the film when I get to that week. Right now, we have the Bears so I am going to treat them like I would any other regular season opponent. I am going to study my matchups, study the quarterback, study the tendencies and how they work together and try to get not only myself prepared but my teammates prepared for what I see all along the line.”


On if he noticed the difference in some of the ‘little’ items he has worked to improve this offseason and training camp:

“I have. I felt really good with going out there and being able to do things consistently and not having some of these nagging aches and pains in certain areas. Just being able to work on my conditioning a lot this offseason – I know I have always been working on it – but just doing it a little bit differently has helped me.”


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