DE Myles Garrett (7.28.21)

DE Myles Garrett:

On dealing with COVID-19 last year and if he has talked to teammates about that experience:

“I know I went through it, and I am hoping nobody on our team or really in sports has to go through it again. I am really hoping for everyone to follow the protocols and do the best they can to keep themselves healthy and their families healthy. As far as the vaccine, I feel like that is your choice. You have those liberties and freedoms in the country that we live in. Just do the best that you can for your family. Whatever feels right for you and the people around you, go ahead and do that. When we are here, we are going to talk about business. We are going to do what we can to keep on getting better each day. All of that is just background noise.”


On how different the COVID-19 protocols are from last season:

“It has been a little bit different just because there is a vaccine and you have some guys who are vaccinated and some guys who are not vaccinated. It does have to be a little bit a little bit different though with those liberties that you have when you are vaccinated. They are obviously going to be a little bit less tight just because there is less of a risk of you passing that to anybody else. For the non-vaccinated guys, we are going to try to get the same work in but just try to lower the risk of them passing it to anybody.”


On if the Browns have brought anyone in to talk to the players about COVID-19 vaccines:

“(Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) talked about it yesterday but has not brought anybody in. He has always kept it completely honest with us, and he is not trying to force anything on us. I do not think anybody should. At the end of the day, just do what is right for you. Do not do anything that is out of character for you. I know we all want to win, but they are not going to force anything upon you that you do not want because it is your body and your choice.”


On if he has talked to his teammates about his choice to get vaccinated:

“I left it unsaid. I got sick, and I do not want to get sick again so it was kind of apparent for me.”


On how the Browns better equipped to handle the high expectations going into the season compared to 2019:

“There is no difference. On paper, we look great, but that is just it – it is on paper. We have to go out here, we have to put the work in and we have to grind. We have to make sure that chemistry is there for when we match up with the Chiefs that first week. It all looks good, but we have to make it great out here day by day.”


On Stefanski’s message to the team about the expectations for the team:

“We have expectations just like everybody else. Everybody goes into the season wanting to win every game they play. Everybody goes into the season wanting to win the championship. That is everybody’s expectation of themselves. What you do day by day from training camp to the last day of the regular season is what defines you. We are just going to work every day as if it is our last and let the chips fall where they may.”


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