DE Myles Garrett (7.27.22)

On his goals entering training camp: 

“To get better, grow as a person, grow as an individual, grow as a teammate, grow as a leader and help these guys to come along with me. I know that there is always more in the tank for myself but also for them. I feel like we have a long way to go, but it is the start of the process today and all throughout this preseason and this training camp. I believe that we have a lot of potential that we can help mold and create something very big here.”


On specific areas he wants to improve season: 

“Speaking for my position up front, I know we lost some inside guys and got a lot of young guys who we have to work with and some newer guys who have not been on this team before. Just trying to pull them along, make sure that they know the playbook, know what they are doing, know the assignments, alignments and making sure they are coming off the ball and not thinking, just executing.”


On if his expectations for the Browns 2022 season are the same or change depending on if QB Deshaun Watson is suspended by the NFL:

“It does not change regardless of how that situation works itself out. We are going to hold ourselves to a high standard no matter what happens. The defense is going to do what they do, and the last time I heard, they can’t win if they don’t score points.”


On if more may be needed from the Browns defense depending on how much time Watson could miss:

“No, the offense always needs our best. It is not going to change when he is not on the field or he is on the field. We are always going to do our very best job we can and execute how we know we should.”


On if the message as a leader of the team is to ‘we just have to be us,’ regardless of what may occur with potential discipline for Watson: 

“Yes, just be yourself. Play the game. You do not play to the level of your opponent or to the level of the offense or special teams. We play up to our standard and what we look forward to doing throughout this whole season, not just however many games he is out or he is in.”


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