DE Myles Garrett (6.1.22)

On describing QB Deshaun Watson and leadership with the Browns:

“I have not really been able to see it from an offensive point of view. I have not been here as much as the other guys. As far as defense, I can speak for them being really excited to learn, especially the younger guys. A couple have already come up and ask me questions. They said they do not want to be annoying, but they are going to be on my hip. I said, ‘We are trying to go far so I am going to take you with me.’ It is really about them trying to find their way, trying to find how they can achieve what they want to in the league and be successful. Right now, I think they are just trying to work without thinking. They are just trying to move instinctively and get it all down. We are just trying to get in film and get in our books to make sure that everything just flows naturally and we can move how we want to.”


On Watson interacting with the Browns defense:

“It is a good atmosphere. I like him. I like him back there. We are going to be all over him, whether it is OTAs or camp, and we are going to try to jump on him as a defense. He can take it. He can handle it. He will press back at us with a smile, and he is going to keep coming because that is the kind of guy he is.”


On first impressions of DT Perrion Winfrey, who said he was excited to play with him:

“He works hard. We just have to get him in the right place at the right time. He is a hard worker. He wants to learn. The Perrion I saw on the phone and the Perrion I got here, he does not talk as much as I thought he would (laughter). He is all work. He gets there. He goes full speed, and he is trying to get rid of some of the things he lost in college and take some of the things that he needs for the NFL and just try to refine it. I think (defensive line Chris Kiffin) Kiff is doing a good job, and we are just trying to show him what we are working with and what won’t work.”


On this QB change being one of the biggest QB changes he has seen during his career with the Browns:

“Is it? I have had like 80 percent of my team turnover in six years. People come and go, and this one of those changes. I hope the best for him [QB Baker Mayfield], and I hope he moves on and he does well for himself. I will never wish ill on anyone who I went up against or played with. He is going to land on his feet. I think (Bengals QB Joe) Burrow said that, as well. He has played well when he is healthy, and I think when he is healthy, he can do some pretty good things for a team. He just has to find his niche again. I think he has to prove himself, he has to get healthy and I think it worked out for both teams.”



On further expanding on his social media post following the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas:

“I am still sick. I hate to see it happen in my state. I hate to see anything negative happen. It does not matter if it is in Dallas or anywhere, it is still my home. I am just kind of disappointed, as well, as far as the response from the police and how they handled it afterwards and the response by (Texas Governor Greg) Abbott and really the government officials down there as far as still attending the NRA meeting that they had in Houston and still kind of pressing and advocating for what is really the problem right now. As far as guns, I do not see the necessity for an 18-year old to have access to an AR. It seems to be the main weapon of choice for school shootings and mass shootings, and somehow, we still continue to find that they get their hands on them so easily. I just think there needs to be more regulations. I do not think there needs to be ARs in general in the general public. I think if you want to defend your home, you should have a pistol. I think if you want to go hunting, I think you should have to use a rifle and I think you have to turn it in when hunting season is over or if you want to go somewhere else, you can use it then. I just do not see the reason for that to protect your home. I think that is a little bit overkill, and I think it has shown that time and time again through the years, and nothing has changed. Too many countries have done it well enough over the years and their response has been much greater and more timely than we have. We have seen it time and time again. We say, ‘Remember Sandy Hook’ and we will say, ‘Remember Uvalde, Texas,’ and we will still remain stubborn in our ways and not do anything about it. That is the real frustrating thing about it, and that is what I talk to my family about – How can we make change happen? How can we progress forward? Because it just seems that we are too ignorant, too arrogant to give up something that seems like our liberty. Second Amendment seems like you can bear arms, but I do not see the government trying to Big Brother us or march down our throats at the moment. If they did, I do not see us doing anything about it so I do not see the point of us having assault rifles in the hands of young individuals, especially those who are mentally ill. Honestly, other countries have mentally ill kids, as well, and mentally ill adults, and they still do not have this problem. It can’t be that people are just mentally ill. It has to be the culture we surround them with, and it has to be how we handle our guns, as well.”


On being engaged in social causes throughout his career and if he plans to be actively involved in areas related to gun violence in Northeast Ohio and/or Texas:

“I am going to try to be. I know my home state is probably the biggest kind of advocate for those kind of guns at home, but it happens here, as well. I am going to be an advocate for this cause nationwide. I am going to do the best I can to try and get something progressive and something changed.”


On using his platform to make a positive difference in the community:

“It is just a blessing that I honestly just get to sit in front of you guys and speak my mind and say what bothers me, what I am excited about or what is near to my heart. This is just one of those occasions where I get to be in front of you all. Something terrible has happened, but it has brought up something that is important to me and it has always been important to me, but it has really shined a light on it. For some, I think they are missing the point and they are missing the picture. I feel like it is my obligation as someone who gets the spotlight a little bit more than others to show them what is going on. Whether they agree or disagree is on them, but putting it in front of them and making them see it and see the truth, I feel like that is my job and that is my opportunity to do so.”


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